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by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Natural Cycle IVF is an IVF option used for the treatment of infertility for almost all patients of this category. It is also known as drug-free IVF. It involves no fertility medication at all, so there is no drugs require that would ultimately stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple follicles.

During Natural Cycle IVF treatment, the doctor follows and adopts the development of a naturally selected follicle and performs egg retrieval before the occurrence of ovulation. It is commonly accepted fact that a naturally selected egg is of superior quality and thus has the most possibility to develop further to a healthy baby.

Women generally select Natural Cycle IVF due to its unique approach similar to the natural conception. It is most suitable for women who don’t wish to consume excessive medicines and live a drug-free lifestyle. It is still suitable for women who are treated with high doses of fertility medication but less likely to produce multiple eggs.

Natural Cycle IVF is basically helpful for:

·         Rather young patients with male factor infertility only a history of tubal disease. 

·         Women who have not had success in becoming pregnant with conventional IVF or women over 40 years with elevated FSH or decreased ovarian reserve.

·         Patients with a strong family history of cancer or history of hormone-sensitive cancer.

Benefits of Natural Cycle IVF

·         It greatly eliminates the chances of side effects and or health issues resulting from fertility drugs, for example Ovarian Hyper-stimulation Syndrome (OHSS).

·         It is considered as one of the short and safe infertility treatment procedure. The procedure duration is very short, as only one or two eggs are collected. Apart from this, the plus pint is that, only local anesthesia is used for egg retrieval process. No general anesthesia or I.V. sedation is needed. So, it eliminates the risks and extra costs of general anesthesia. Patients do not have to face any weakness and are able to walk in and drive home after the IVF procedure.

·         There is no risk of multiple gestations as only one egg is retrieved and transferred during the procedure. However, the risk of multiple pregnancies is less than 1%.

·         Natural Cycle IVF is cheaper than conventional IVF. Apart from this, as it is a drug-free procedure, patients save their money each cycle that they require to spent on medication with conventional IVF procedure. It also offers comfort to the patients, as Natural Cycle IVF completely eliminates the discomfort and stress of having daily injections.

·         It also involves much less frequent monitoring. During Natural Cycle IVF, most patients only require two to three office visits as compared to generally six to seven visits with conventional IVF.

·         Natural Cycle IVF works regardless of a patient’s age, antral follicle counts or FSH or AMH level. With conventional IVF, if patients only have a few follicles or a high FSH level then they are often recommended to a donor egg program. If less than 3 follicles are developed, the procedure cycle is frequently cancelled. 

At SCI Healthcare and SCI IVF Hospital Multispecialty Center, our primary goal is to retrieve one good egg, make one good embryo, and ultimately produce one healthy baby!

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