Three digital marketing myths you need to stop believing

by Anoop Raghav Brand Strategist

If you talk to ten digital marketing experts, you will get ten different opinions. Their opinions are based on the experience they have. However, we cannot take it as a general trend, as nothing is guaranteed as the best technique.

Huge traffic – The first myth

Eversince I have started my career as a digital marketing consultant, I have heard it many times about the number of traffic. Most of the clients ask for bulk traffic, which is relatively an easy task for people like us.

The starting point of your marketing funnel looks great with end number of traffic. However, if you move ahead, you can see an empty funnel, with no leads and conversions. I had one client in healthcare segment and they had traffic, but no leads. When we take an audit, we found that the site is getting traffic, because it has been linked to other categories too.  

It is always better to understand the business first before getting into digital marketing. If the client is into healthcare, it has to get traffic from the keywords related to disease and condition, healthcare tips, alternative medicine and list goes on.

Use analytics tools to sort this out. Checkout the backlinks and its quality and analyses whether your site has been linked to websites that are related your niche.

Huge quantity of backlinks: Second Myth

Here is another myth. People always talk about the number of backlinks. It is not then numbers that matters. It is the quality of sites that matters first for search engines. In order to come under the scanner of crawler, you need should get high authority websites to link back to your website. If your website gets a backlink from a niche that is not relevant for you, It is likely that it won’t enhance the search result on search engine.

It is not the quantity that matters. It is the quality of backlink that enhances traffic and then leads and eventually conversions.

Basic Website is enough: Third myth

We are living in an era where technology is playing an important role in shaping up the consumer behavior. The social media and other open platforms have given enormous space for people to express their thoughts and influence their peer group. At this point, a basic website, as a mere virtual identity, is not enough to capture the attention of online users.

At a time when reviews and vlogs influence the buyers, one should continuously provide information about the product or services that they sell. An interactive website with blogs and vlogs would be the right choice to keep the audience engaging. The more time they spend on your website, chances are more that they can be your potential lead.

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