Must know information before travel to India

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Information for first timers: Things I wish I’d known before traveling to India

Tourist Places in India

Are you planning to explore India for vacation? India is a one of the best tourist friendly destination with people whose culture teaches them that travelers are equal to God. The young lady wearing a Copenhagen travel agent's badge sat, quiet and alone, on a bench in the gardens of the Taj Mahal in Agra — and a single tear ran down her face. "Are you all right?" I asked her, "Is there anything wrong?" She looked at me as if coming out of a dream and replied: "No, I am fine... It's just this place. I have read so much about it and yet no one had told me how fantastically beautiful it is. I can't get over it..." I have t sympathy for her. I have seen the Taj many times myself and t it has never failed to move me.

India Trip

Going to India is like that — not so much a journey as an r experience. I am convinced that the world of tourism is I divided into two — those who have been to India and can't c wait to get back, and those who have never been and would t not dream of going. Size, diversity, beauty, the almost r careless flowering of countless cultures make any visit to t India a kind of continuous cinerama which leaves you c speechless, and everything appears to contribute to your N confusion. Take size for instance.

Travel to India

It is more than 3,200 kilometers from the snows of Kashmir to the southerly shores c of Cape Comorin and more than 2,800 kilometers from sun- t baked Gujarat to steamy Bengal where lancers and tiger’s s used to roam. In between live more than 700 million in dians, speaking 14 major languages — some more wide-spread than European tongues — and more than 250 dialects. Some Indians are a rich mahogany colour, others t are as fair as Western Europeans. A few are rich and powerful, most are poor but the land, and is so fertile that its wealth consistently defies the birthrate. India produces everything b from cashew nuts to railway engines and nuclear energy and when India's star was raising most Europeans still lived in caves.

India Culture Trip

Travelers as expected often shun guided tours that holiday standard destinations and tourist attractions. The best thing is that practical tourism is rising in India, and there are number of perceptive immersive tour and holiday packages that you can take to gain knowledge of about India's culture and religion.

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