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by Team Koderey Digital marketing institute in delhi

Multilevel marketing also called network marketing,
multilevel marketing refers to the sale of products or
services to other people and he will connect with the
network or company and the profit of sale will be
shared with all the people in the network according to
their level.

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It is one of the best sources of marketing for fast growth
of the company, in the USA many companies use these
types of marketing to sell and their products, it also
help in the branding of the company as a network from
these marketings are big.

Direct selling vs Multilevel marketing

Multilevel marketing also is known as word of mouth
marketing or relationship marketing, multilevel
marketing is merely one type/form of direct selling.

Indirect selling you just sell the product or service and
take money against product but in multilevel

marketing, the buyer will be connected with the company
, he/she become a part of the network, they can also
earn some money by referring to other people's.


# Opportunity to earn extra cash

In network marketing, person or buyer got an
opportunity to earn some extra cash by referring about
the product or the company to his family or friends.
This marketing can be good for those who already have
strong networks.

# Residual income

Residual income defined as income based on earlier
efforts in life like earlier sale of products or services but
you are still getting paid for it, it’s like royalty cheque.

Multilevel marketing is important marketing as you
have to do work less and earn more money by building
passive income sources.

# huge demand for innovative or excellent

Network marketing companies are known for making
innovative products, huge demand for these
products make them easier to sell.
 Network marketing has enabled brands to grow into
multi-billion companies through endless chains of
agents who ensure that the multiple levels keep
growing and advancing progressively.


#Low risk

Risk in multilevel marketing is zero or very low as
risk is divided into many people which is bearable
It is not live traditional marketing with a huge risk with
huge profit, in this marketing huge profit with less

# Huge income

Income in multilevel marketing is very high
depending upon the person who is doing a job, it
depends on the dedication and hard work, initially who
will work hard later he will eat biscuits.

In multilevel marketing people also generate
residual income ( income which you earn for
previous work, previous sales ) it is like royalty
# Low operating cost

In multilevel marketing there is no investment, no
infrastructure, no staff, so low operating cost is

Network marketing makes it possible to run a
business at low costs compared to any other
business model.


The biggest disadvantage of multilevel marketing is
that most the companies and their schemes are
fraud and it is very difficult to trust on such
companies which in turn make the task of genuine
companies also difficult as individuals treat every
the company as a fraud.

Another disadvantage of it is that people believe
what they see and since in the case of network
marketing there is no use of marketing channels
like tv, magazines and some people are
uncomfortable with the products sold through
network marketing as they have never seen the
products before. Hence in simple words, lack of
awareness about the products make this type of

marketing a tough job for the companies doing this
# high failure rate – it is aid that 96 $of networkers
fail because they tend to have depressions upon
repeated rejections from people, this demotivates
them a lot because of it people start spending less
time with their family and friends due to frustration
and depression.

So, these are some disadvantages of multi-level
marketing and people have not taken it seriously as
they are harming lots of people nowadays who are
unable to handle rejection, frustration.

According to me, multilevel marketing is has
equal pros and cons, as there is high income,
residual income, less risk high profits but on the
another side low success rate, people face
depression a lot, people who join this cut off with
family and friends time by time. but if you
seriously want to join, there is no better industry
then this as a lot of money is waiting for you, but go
with a fresh mind, if you face rejection, make sure
you can handle that.

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