Most Popular Types of Videos on YouTube

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Nowadays, people are using YouTube not only for viewing videos but also for creating their videos on their YouTube channel. YouTube is the best and oldest platform for posting and sharing your videos worldwide. Earlier, people used to create videos and post it later on the YouTube website by using their PC or laptops. But, the advancement in the technology of smartphones has made it more convenient and hassle-free. There are many types of knowledgeable and entertaining videos on YouTube. Here we will discuss some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube.

Unboxing Videos

The unboxing videos play a crucial role in giving you the proper specification details and physical appearance of a product before you buy it. It gives you an idea of the brief description of products so that it becomes easy to compare products at home and thus, it saves our time as well. Also, it feels good to view or make a video of any product you like and share it with everyone. You can also make your video for unboxing any smartphone, TV, beauty products, and many more such products. To share a video on YouTube, You just have to record a video by using a camera and a tripod. Next, you have to create a free YouTube channel and then post that video with subtitles and keywords.

Product Reviews

Product reviews videos are essential in determining and selecting the best product from a list of various brands and types. For example, if you want to purchase an iPhone and you are confused about two of its variants within the same budget. You will check the reviews of both the variants. After viewing the review videos for that device, you will be able to select the appropriate variant, and in this way, it helps you to save your time.

Technology Explaining Videos

Exploring your technical knowledge with the help of videos allows many people to get aware of the latest technology. Nowadays, most of the people fix the problem occurring in their electronic gadgets and devices by watching these types of videos. Earlier, people used to rush to the repair shops even for a minor fault in their devices that can be fixed by themselves. By watching these types of videos, you can save your precious money and valuable time as well. If you have some technical knowledge to fix any problem of a device, then YouTube is the best platform for you to share your experience with others by making a video.


Vlogging is the best way to become a famous YouTuber. If you have brilliant ideas and attractive thinking towards any topic of your interest, you should think upon creating your own YouTube channel and start vlogging. It can be cooking, singing, knowledge of beauty tips, and more such ideas. It helps you in exploring your knowledge by connecting with more people. You can increase your followers by continuously posting the new content.


YouTube is an excellent social networking platform for those people who have a better sense of humour and can make other people laugh. It is possible by creating your content or commenting on any clips by making videos on this topic. People love to watch comedy videos because it helps in releasing stress and also useful in diverting your mind from the hectic daily routines. Many comedians have gained enough fame by posting their comedy videos on YouTube.

Beauty & Fashion Tips

If you have a great sense of fashion and makeup skills, YouTube is the best social networking platform to show your skills and share with other people. If you know how to dress up according to the occasion and how to apply makeup products like eyeliners, mascara & many other products related to makeup, you should go ahead and create your video on YouTube to let the people know about your skills.

Animal & Pet Videos

If you are a pet lover, you will always love to watch their videos on YouTube. The followers of pet videos are increasing day by day. It feels nice to record the funny and cute activities of your pet and post those videos on social media. It also helps in increasing your followers. Many people are getting fame through the videos of their animals and pets. The activities of pets and animals entertain people and make them laugh.

Gaming on YouTube

Every gamer has a dream to clear all the mission sets in a game. To finish a game, sometimes you need to be smart. It feels fantastic to upload the video of a game on YouTube after your victory. It helps other gaming enthusiasts to view a specific way of winning a game with the help of that video. If you know the tips of particular games and want to show your skills while playing a game, you can record a video and post it on YouTube.

Educational Videos

Nowadays, people prefer to take lessons and learn different computer languages through online classes. YouTube has the maximum number of online tutorials and lessons. It has helped a lot of kids take online classes during this current pandemic. It also helps you in understanding and learning a new course in your free time so that your work should not hamper. If you think you are perfect in any language course or any subject, you should record your daily lessons videos and post it on YouTube to show your skills and to help those students who love to learn things from online classes.

Start Creating Today

There are many different types of videos available on YouTube. We have discussed some of the most popular video ideas, and if you think you have content and some brilliant ideas about it, you can start creating your own YouTube video channel. The trend of online videos is increasing day by day and will also help you in gaining fame and growing your fan following.

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