Most Affordable and Advanced Infertility Treatment in India for USA Patients

by Ankita Mathur Medical Consultant

Overview: Infertility Treatment

For simple understanding infertility is referred as inability to conceive. However, in medical terms, as per International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ICMART) infertility is defined as a condition that is characterized by the failure to establish a clinical pregnancy after 12 months of regular, unprotected sexual intercourse.

Not that infertility occurs only among women; even men also can suffer from infertility.  The fact of the matter is that infertility can be due to an impairment of individual’s capacity to conceive and reproduce with either one or both partners.

It has been established that women older than 35 years or with irregular menstrual cycles who fail to conceive, despite trying for a period of 6 months, should consult a reproductive endocrinologist - an infertility specialist.

In addition, women with recurrent pregnancy loss of two or more spontaneous miscarriages should also consult an infertility specialist. In order to get pregnant, women need to have functioning ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus. Any abnormality in any one of these organ can be a cause of infertility among women.

At the same time infertility among men could be due to low sperm count i.e. concentration of sperms. In addition motility i.e. movement and morphology i.e. shape of sperms can also contribute toward male infertility. Infertility treatments often include medications that help with hormones and ovulation, sometimes combined with minor surgical procedures.

Besides treating infertility with medicine and surgery, doctors may also use intra-uterine insemination or assisted reproductive technology as single or a combined treatment.

However, infertility treatment is given on the basis of:

  • Infertility contributing factors 
  • Duration of the infertility.
  • Age of the female.
  • The treatment preferred by the couple following counseling about possibilities, success rates, risks and benefits of the available treatment options.

However, considering the cause of infertility in mind, the reproductive endocrinologist - an infertility specialist may prescribe medicines to treat infertility which include:

  • Clomiphene citrate – that causes ovulation by stimulating pituitary gland. Women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) i.e. presence of multiple cysts in ovaries or other ovulation related problems are also prescribed Clomiphene citrate.
  • Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin (hMG) is prescribed to women who do not ovulate due to pituitary gland problems

Injections of Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin directly act on ovaries and stimulate ovulation.

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone or FSH injection – like hMG injection also stimulate ovaries to initiate the process of ovulation.
  • Gonadotrophin - Releasing Hormone (Gn-RH) - is used for women who do not ovulate each month or the women who ovulate before egg is matured.
  • The Gonadotropin - Releasing Hormone (Gn-RH) is administered as injectible or along with nasal spray to act on Pituitary gland.
  • Metformin is used for insulin resistance and / or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) among women. In addition, tablets of Metformin helps lower the high levels of male hormones in women and help them ovulate.
  • Bromocriptine - is used for women with ovulation problems because of high levels of prolactin - a hormone that helps milk production.

Affordable Infertility treatment Packages for USA patients

The packages for treatment of infertility for USA patients are extremely affordable when compared to those in USA. The packages of Infertility treatment for USA patients come to less than one third cost of infertility treatment in USA and hence most affordable.

Why USA Patients Choose Infertility treatment in India?

The patients from USA have reasons for choosing India for the treatment of infertility as they get world class treatment through highly qualified doctors.

They get all medical care through world class state of the art infrastructure and other facilities like accommodation and travel at most economical cost.

Medical Services Offered by Indian Med Guru Consultants

When you plan infertility treatment in India with Indian Medguru consultants, you can avail their services for:

  • Medical visa
  • Family stay
  • Appointment with doctors
  • World class pre and post operative care
  • Quality food as per doctor’s recommendations

In addition, we offer you the most affordable packages for treatment of infertility.

 Indian Medguru consultants is the most preferred medical provider companies in India. If you are looking for a one step solution to all your Infertility problems, Indian Medguru consultants is right there to help you. To get free consultation Call  at :- +91-9370586696 or Book an Instant Appointment at Email ID:

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