Moon's Nodes In Astrology- Meaning of The North and South

by Alice Thomas Consultant

When it comes to an understanding of the meaning of the Moon and the Sun in Astrology, we can find it hard to believe that the two heavenly bodies have anything in common. After all, they are the largest celestial objects in our solar system, and both possess their own intrinsic characteristics. So why do they share a common feature? Are they really related, or is there no correlation between the two? To shed light on this issue, let's look at each individual star in turn.

The Sun is the planet of abundance, which means it is also the planet of death. Like the planet Saturn, the Sun is a fiery planet with deep roots in mythology and mythological depictions. As such, many of its symbols have become associated with certain aspects of human life and personality: for instance, the Sun symbolizes youthful vitality, justice, abundance, fertility, etc.

The Moon is the sign of the Moon, the planet of birth. It represents the feminine and emotional aspect of one's natal chart, and its phases represent feminine movement and emotion. It is the sign of the Moon that gives us our most valuable insights into the person born under that sign. The Moon has nine celestial bodies, and each planet has a significant effect on each other, as well as the entire natal chart. Consequently, this makes the Moon one of the most important things you will ever learn about in Astrology.

Once upon a while, there were the Jade Kings. He wanted to see the representation of all earth's animals, so he sent invitations inviting specific animals to his court. The invitations were given to both the rat and the cat. The clever and devious rat refused to send the invitation to the cat.

The invitations were received by 11 other animals, and they showed up at the court. The King wanted information about the location of the 12th animal, so a messenger was sent to Earth to retrieve one more animal. The last invitation was given to the pig. These animals were and remained the representations of the 12 Chinese astrology zodiac signs.

The Chinese zodiac signs include the rat and ox, tiger and dragon, as well as the monkey, rat, ox, and rabbit. Each one represents a specific year. The Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12-year rotation with 2008 as the year of the rat. The Chinese zodiac is serious business.

There are many factors to consider when interpreting the Zodiac signs. To find out about financial decisions, how the month will unfold, and information on compatible zodiac signs for love interests, they look for their daily Horoscope.

While some may take these readings lightly and others will believe what they say, others will not be deterred. Could it be that prognostication is possible because of the power and belief of the reading? Both in China and elsewhere, there are many who believe in the Zodiac Signs.

This information is the most popular. It shows the compatibility between the Zodiac signs of an individual and those of a romantic interest. Many people base their romantic decisions on the compatibility of the zodiac signs. Numerous people pay to have their romantic lives analyzed by "Chinese Astrology."

Unfortunately, the poor cat was not able to make it. The Chinese Zodiac signs were already assigned, and the spot was given to a pig. He was already on the right track and missed the opportunity due to the tricky rat.

Perhaps somewhere along the line of history, the cat got back at the rat; perhaps the cat put a rat in a bowl, and he sat on it. It's still an interesting tale, however.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

Every Chinese New Year begins with a new moon. In 2005, the new moon began on February 9 in the western year. It was the Chinese Year 4702. The Chinese used the solar or western calendar until the beginning of the 20th century. This was except for important holidays. Many Chinese calendars display both the lunar and solar dates according to the Chinese calendar. Chinese astrology is based upon the twelve cycles that the moon makes.

Twelve animals are the Chinese zodiac's twelve animal sign, as opposed to the seven solar signs in the west. The Chinese calendar has twelve periods that last for the entire moon cycle. Twelve lunar cycles are part of a Chinese zodiac sign. However, one animal is representative of the entire year. Chinese calendars state that the Chinese complete a cycle once every twelve years. Therefore, if you were born during the year of the rat, your Chinese zodiac sign would also be the rat. Your astrological sign in the west appears once a year.

A legend has inspired the creation of the calendar and its animal companions. This legend says that animals were fighting over who would be the first (prime) place on the Chinese calendar. The gods devised an experiment in which the animals competed to be first by swimming across a stream. Another version claims that Buddha asked for visits from animals before he died. In order of their appearance, he named the moon cycles the animal names. The Chinese zodiac symbol consists of a circle divided into twelve equal parts; it is like cutting off slices from a pie. In each section, you will find a picture showing the Chinese zodiac sign. The use of the calendar dates back to 2600 BC.

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