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Monetize Your Mobile Telephone:
Join Now for FREE!

Turn your mobile phone into a money machine? Get paid to receive 1 - 5 text messages daily on your mobile phone.
This is an international income opportunity, which is F.REE to join.
Get paid up to 1.50 USD monthly per member, up to 10 Levels of Referrals, who agree to receive 1 to 5 text messages daily + 100% matching bonus, as TCN shares its advertising revenues with its affiliates.
Revenue share income opportunity examples:
With 2 personal referrals and a 2 x 10 duplication,
you could earn up to 76.75 Per Day or 2,302.50 USD Per Month plus Matching Bonuses.
With 3 personal referrals and a 3 x 10 duplication,
you could earn up to 3,690 Per Day or 110,715.75 USD Per Month plus Matching Bonuses.
Easy to get a following because it is F.R.E.E.E.E.
This pre-launches on 11/11/2011, and you can register now as part of the special leaders early invite, and share your referral link with all your contacts who have mobile phones, before others share it with them.

Official Launch Takes Place on 12/12/2011

Register free - giving you the head-start on this one.


We will soon be in Pre-Launch and accepting affiliates seeking to build a solid income from the exciting new TEXT TO SAVE MARKET PLACE.


Over 1 Trillion Dollars Spent on Cell Phone Infrastructure.
Over 5 Billion Cell Phones World-Wide.
Over 86% of Americans own a Cell Phone.
Over 100 Million are Frequent Text Users.
Over 93% of all text messages are Opened.
Over 80% of texts are opened within 1 Hour.
Over 2.5 Trillion text messages sent Last Year.
Over 100,000 Text are sent every Second.

It's Time to Cash In with T.C.N.

T.C.N. will follow in the steps of Groupon & Living Social and plan to dominate The TEXT TO SAVE MARKET PLACE. Living Social when they reached 16 million members raised $175 million dollars from Amazon and has since grown to 46 Million Members. Groupon with 44 million turned down $6 billion dollars from Google and has since grown to over 80 Million Members. The industry is estimated at $133 billion dollars that local business spend each year on advertising just in The USA.

T.C.N. is one of the first in the industry to go after The TEXT TO SAVE MARKET PLACE estimated to be The NEXT BIG Format in USA Business Advertising. Members motivated by the T.C.N. Pay Plan will generate millions in commissions via a 10 level Referral Plan with a 100% Matching Bonus. Members will derive income from text messages received from their network, business and personal ads placed by advertisers and by corporate accounts received by T.C.N. in House Sales Representatives.

  Register to become a T.C.N. Affiliate/Member. It's 100% FREE!
  Agree to receive up to 5 Text Messages Daily.
  Agree to help Get the Word Out.
  Earn Revenue Sharing from a 10 Level Referral Program.
  Enjoy and Share the Fruits of Your Labor.


1. Register for 100% FREE
Register at the T.C.N. Website of the person who referred you. Receive your 100% Free T.C.N. Referral & Benefits Website. It includes revenue sharing software that will list every single. T.C.N. Affiliate/Member within your 10 Referral Levels for Benefits and Revenue Sharing.

2. Receive Text Messages
To receive T.C.N. Benefits and Revenue Sharing you will need to agree to receive up to 5 text messages daily. You can control the time of day you receive such messages. You can pause or stop such text messages at anytime.

3. Help Get The Word Out
T.C.N. has set up in your back office a simple system to help T.C.N. get the word out about their FREE Services & Benefits for Affiliates and Members. Maximum time needed to follow the Get The Word Out System is 5 Minutes... Many can do it in less than 3 Minutes. This will also help you to build your personal referral team. This is simpler than having 2 or 3 friends on Facebook. In fact you should post your URL for your T.C.N. Website on your Facebook Page ASAP.

4. Earn Revenue Sharing.
T.C.N. shares it's text revenue with it's T.C.N. Affiliates and Membership Base using a 10 Level Referral Reward System. T.C.N. will pay up to $1.50 monthly per member, up to 10 Levels of Referrals, who agree to receive 1 to 5 T.C.N. Texts Daily. It is simple to do the math to estimate Revenue Sharing. Here are two mathematical examples of maximum revenue sharing. A 2x10 Referral Structure Pays A Maximum Earnings of $76.75 Per Day or $2,302.50 Per Month plus Matching Bonuses. A 3x10 Maximum Earnings = To High Of A Dollar Figure To Put In Print. Remember there is no limit to the number of people/members/affiliates you can refer to T.C.N.

5. Enjoy and Share the Fruits of Your Labor!

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Here are the DETAILS:

It's launching on 11/11/11 but you can join today.
Totally FREE to Join.
Totally FREE Always.
You Never Pay Anything!

(Unless you want to advertise)

You commit to receiving 5 texts per day.
You can do only 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.
But at 5 texts per day.

You choose your category of which texts you would like to receive: food, clothes, movies, etc.
You pick the time you would like to get the texts.

If you choose 5 texts per day. You get paid $7.50 for the month.
Not much, but get this.

You may sign as many people up to do the same as you would like.
You make $7.50 per month off of each of them.
Nov 11th 2011 06:42   
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11/11/2011 IS THE OFFICIAL PRE-LAUNCH! This is a time for MASSIVE BUILDING. Most of your communication during the pre-launch will be with your Team Leaders. Team Leaders will soon be doing Conference Calls and Webinars. We need many Team Leaders to step up and do Conference Calls and Webinars in different languages.

12/12/2011 IS THE OFFICIAL LAUNCH! At such time full customer support will be available. We did not expect more than 37,000 applications in the 1st 11 days. Keep up the great work since the current system can handle 75,000 applications PER DAY.
Nov 14th 2011 07:03   
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FACT: Text Cash Network Inc is 100% owned by a 5 year old successful communications company run and owned by The Johnson Family. There is no other ownership.
FACT: Official Launch Takes Place on 12/12/11 at 12PM
FACT: New Boca Raton, FL Corporate Offices open in January 2012
FACT: Brett Hudson is President of Text Cash Network Inc and is well qualified to take T.C.N. to the success level of Groupon which was just rated a 16 Billion Dollar Company as of this week. Both Johnson and Hudson have a vision for T.C.N. with millions of agents and clients to become a Serious Global Giant. Some info and great press on Mr Brett Hudson just GOOGLE:
Brett Hudson President of Universal Cash Express
Brett Hudson CEO of ATM Paycards
Brett Hudson World Wide Web Institute
Brett Hudson feels that Text Cash Network will be the most successful company of his professional career.
FACT: We retained the best tracking software money can buy which can handle over 100,000 Member/Agent Applications Daily.
Nov 18th 2011 11:09   
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