Mix and Match Jewellery - How To Master The Trend!

by Ankita Sehgal Freelance Blogger, Lives in New Delhi

Fashion is one industry where one can express oneself without any hesitation and inhibitions. All you need to know is your style and what you want to portray, and you are good to go. When it comes to style, whether it is jewellery or clothes, everyone is drawn to unique and eclectic innovations.        


Especially nowadays, people are trying new trends to come up with new looks. When it comes to jewellery designing, the diamond jhumkas latest designs today are incorporated with a contemporary twist and the modern jewellery has a bit of traditional essence—the whole idea is to come up with different amalgamations by mixing and matching different types of jewellery choices.     


Here are five tips that can help you become an expert when it comes to mixing and matching jewellery to come up with the perfect look:      


        Choose the type of investment 

When buying jewellery, it is important to classify the purchases into timeless jewellery and trendy ones. The trick is to invest on both as when mixing jewellery, it is important to strike a balance between the classic and the chic. While timeless jewellery stays in style for a long time and looks elegant, trendy jewellery gives an edge to your combination and makes you look different from others. Hence, both are important in certain proportions.


        Focus on one area of your body 

When mixing and matching jewellery, it is a good idea to choose a particular part of the body and focus on it. By choosing one part to show off, you make sure that the result is not overwhelming. For instance, when wearing a diamond jhumka design, it is not advisable to accompany it with a heavy choker as that takes away the attention from the magnificent piece of jewellery. The trick is to let one piece shine without anything else stealing its thunder.                                               


        Mix metals   

Even though this trend was frowned upon in the earlier years, the style has changed since 2017. Now, mixing metals is considered bold and edgy. So go ahead and mix; combine gold and silver and enjoy the result! Wear rings on whichever finger you want and layer different necklaces together to come up with a beautiful neckline.             


        Have a special jewellery

Despite all the mixing and matching, keep one piece of jewellery that is truly you. It can be a ring you wear daily, or a pendant that you love. Incorporate this item with whatever jewellery you mix and match every single day. Keep this one piece constant so that it becomes your trademark, and an extension of your personality and identity. 


        Update regularly

As the trends are constantly changing, it is advisable to keep updating your trousseau so that you have a little bit of everything. Remember, mixing and matching is only fun if you have enough styles to play around and experiment with. 

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