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by Rose Bronwen Hosting Reviews UK

Many people around the world are running successful websites that count thousands and even millions of visitors. However, people tend to take this fact for granted and do not consider just how hard it is to actually achieve high traffic. There comes a time when no matter what you do, the numbers simply stop adding up. These are the times when it is necessary that you become very creative with different ways of getting traffic to your website.

Relying on the usual marketing strategies is going to bring a lot of positive results, but in order to keep up the growth of your website, it is necessary to turn to some other marketing methods that will bring more visitors to your website. After ensuring that you have created resourceful content for your readers, you can try and take advantage of other websites’ traffic and direct it to your website.

Each of these websites require a specific approach as some of them are related to particular niches. However, once you understand the underlying principles, you can apply these methods to any website.


This is a very popular website that receives millions of visitors every day. Many people think that it is impossible to utilize this traffic due to the way the website is built. However, if you continue roaming through the website you are going to find forums that are very active. The downside of this website lies in the fact that is closely related to the movie and TV show industry.

However, if you are running a website in this niche, you can find a way to promote your website in an inconspicuous way. Due to the fact that the forums are incredibly active, you can attract a certain amount of traffic to your website.

These are not the only forums out there; you can find a list of most popular worldwide forums, however, remember to stay within the forum guidelines, or you are going to get banned instantly. Additionally, only aim for those forums that are extremely active, as inactive forums are not going to bring a satisfying number of visitors to your website.


Etsy is a very popular website where people who make jewelry sell their goods to people. Since it is an eCommerce website that is full of eye-catching images, make sure that your images are of top quality. This is a perfect place if you are someone who sells handcrafted jewelry. A lot of people go through this website and the competition is not that tough, so there is a high chance that doing this is going to increase traffic to your website, as well as increase your conversion rate if you have a well-optimized website.


This is an amazing website that is visited by millions daily. The best way to take advantage of this traffic is to become a content contributor. If you have a talent for creating cool content for the younger audiences, you will easily become a contributor. This is going to give you and your website much more exposure, especially if you successfully manage to create content that goes viral.

If your content gets a lot of readers in a short period of time, the BuzzFeed staff will also help you promote your content even more, which is a perfect way of reaching out to a high number of people. As the website is visited by millions, being featured on their main page is going to ensure an incredible outreach for your website. If you are having trouble becoming a contributor, stay persistent and give it your best. It is a worthwhile investment.


This is a business-oriented website that has countless visitors every day. If you are invited to become a contributor on this website, chances are that you are easily going to skyrocket the number of visits to your website with just a couple of posts. Not everyone gets this unique opportunity, but there is another method that will get you more traffic. At the bottom of each of Forbes articles, there is a comment section, where you are allowed to give links to two websites.

So if the post is dealing with a matter that is related to your niche, creating a constructive comment with a link to your website will be seen by thousands of people. Repeating this method will generate a lot of traffic to your website. The point is not to simply spam the comment section, but make a normal comment on the topic of the article.

Business Insider

This is a similar approach to that of Forbes. Business insider has a lot of visits per day, and commenting on articles will give you a chance to boost your traffic. You can add links to your websites by your username. Depending on the number of views the article gets, you can acquire quite a few visits to your website. Remember, the point is not to spam the comment section of this website, but leave a positive impression on people who are going through the comment section, as this is going to increase chances of people visiting your website.

All Recipes

This is a cooking-related website, so if your website is in the same niche, a good approach is to post a review of a recipe. Getting a link on this website is rather hard, however, if you pick a natural approach, it can be done. Similarly, to Forbes and Business Insider, the point with posting a link is to offer a helpful solution to someone.

If you can make a review where you are offering the same variant of recipe, only without an element to which a lot of people are allergic too, it is going to pass. Simply pick the right approach and your link will most likely pass anywhere.

These are some of the ways in which you can use other websites’ traffic to increase your own. It is very important not to spam any of these website and clearly follow their rules. Investing some time in this type of approach is going to give you a lot of traffic over time. Not to mention that, in combination with other marketing strategies, you can double or triple the amount of traffic that comes to your website. Simply get out of the box and become more creative with your marketing strategies, the results are going to amaze you.

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