Men’s Fashion Tips: Fashion Tips for Tall Skinny Guys

by Vikram Sharma Textile designer

Do you cringe at the thought of going shopping for clothes? Do you find it difficult to find a shirt that covers your wrists without making you feel like you're wearing a tent? I understand your anguish, but it doesn't have to be this way.

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After years of attempting (and failing) to dress nicely, we have finally developed a great cheat sheet of fashion tips for tall and slim guys. It's time to turn to those "how tall are you, do you play basketball?" questions into "where did you get that outfit?"

Tips for Finding the Best Clothes for Tall Slim Men

Fashion does not have to be a dirty word for us tall and skinny guys, but you must be prepared to face the challenge. The key is to create a proportional optical illusion. It's critical to know what you're looking for when you go shopping.

Here are some of our tips for highlighting your height through clothing like shirts and south Indian white lungi and maximising the attention you naturally attract.

Dress in layers

When it comes to tall skinny guys’ fashion, one of the first things to remember is to layer up. The goal is to ADD mass and SUBTRACT height in order to create the illusion of proportion.

This does not imply wearing billowy clothing; instead, add layers of slim-fitting clothing. Wear a thick undershirt tucked into your pants to add some bulk. By wearing several layers, such as an undershirt, t-shirt, and blazer, you not only add bulk to your torso but also provide a focal point. This serves as an excellent diversion.

Wear Bulkier Fabrics

In the same vein as the layered approach, choose heavier fabrics for your garments. Heavy fabrics, such as denim, flannel, tweed, or corduroy, will add mass to your frame and do a great job of creating a more muscular look.

Avoid Vertical Stripes

This is one of our favourites, and it's a quick fix. Vertical stripes should never be seen on slim or tall men's clothing! These prints like printed lungi online should be reserved for short men. The stripes will lengthen your figure and make you appear taller than you actually are.

Horizontal stripes or elements, such as pockets or belts, are now ideal for tall and slim men. They will give the appearance of mass and depth to your look.

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Opt for Smaller Prints

While we're on the subject of prints for tall skinny guys, try to avoid gaudy, loud prints. You will draw even more attention as if you were a huge flag waving high above the crowd. To add a stylish touch, stick to smaller prints on your shirts.

Make Use of Contrasts

It always amazes me how many guys, in general, are unaware of this fashion tip. Never wear the same colour, or even the same shade, at the same time. This is especially important for tall men's fashion. Using contrasting colours and textures to break up your outfit will create a visual distraction.

Style with Belts

Breaking up your look is an important part of creating stylish fashion for tall skinny guys, and your belt is a great tool to help you with this. Yes, it will help keep your pants in place, but a wide but simple belt will create a break in your outfit.

Skip the Tight Pants

Here's a word of caution: Even if fashion dictates skinny leg pants, don't wear them. Pants for tall skinny men should never be too tight. Instead, choose slim or fitted pants that allow you to move freely, bulk you up a little, and don't draw attention to your long legs.

Avoid Low-Rise Pants

Another tip is to avoid low-rise waisted pants, which will make your torso appear longer. Wearing high or medium rise pants will even out your figure and give the appearance of proportion. If you're unfamiliar with the term "rise," it refers to the distance between the waist and the crotch.

Choose the Right Fitting Pants

When looking for slim and tall men’s pants, you should consider several factors. The previously mentioned rise measurement is important, but so are leg length and width when it comes to creating the right look. Tall skinny men's pants should always be slim-fitting, never baggy. When walking, you should never expose your ankles or allow them to ride up.

Suit Jackets are a Must

Suits for tall men, particularly suit jackets or blazers, are ideal fashion pieces. You can add depth and contrast to your outfit by layering an undershirt, collared shirt, and blazer. A jacket will elongate your shoulders and make your arms and torso appear larger.

When shopping for a jacket, make sure the sleeves fall to about the centre of your hand, completely covering your wrists. The length should be about a few inches below the top of your buttocks. If you're buying a suit, a waistcoat will definitely complement your stature.

Long Trench Coats are Great

My trench coat is a standout piece in my wardrobe. It contributes to the layered look and creates a classy image. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the length must be correct in order to avoid emphasising your height. The length should ideally sit mid-calf, but you can get away with any length below the knee.

Make the Shoes Stand Out

This is an excellent suggestion. Shoes with a bold print or pattern are great for two reasons. For starters, they divert attention away from your height and keep it focused on the ground. Second, the boldness of your shoe makes your feet appear smaller. It's a win-win situation.

Best Shirts for Tall Skinny Guys

When looking for slim and tall men’s fashion, it can be difficult to find a brand that fits properly, especially when it comes to shirts. The sleeves should cover your wrists, the length should cover the top of your waistband, and the fit should be relaxed but not billowy.

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