Memorial Day Mattress Sales 2019

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A mattress is something that you don’t need to buy every day, that’s why it becomes so confusing when you finally go out to purchase one. There are so many options and so many different brands available that any first-time mattress buyer will be left fumbling in the dark. Besides, a mattress is often expensive to purchase. If you go for the cheapest option available it usually ends up getting worn out in a short time. And if you look for quality, you should be prepared to spend a substantial amount of money. Given this situation, it is no surprise that most people put off buying a mattress and keep sleeping on their old, sagging bed for years.

To make a mattress purchase easier on your wallet, you should take advantage of mattress sale. There are certain days in a year when everything is on sale and highly discounted, including bedding and mattresses. This is the time when that plush memory foam queen mattress you have been eyeing for months could finally become yours. The Fourth of July sale may still be a few months away, but what is about to happen in just a few days is the Memorial Day sale.

If you look around on online stores, you will find that almost every item has been discounted in the run-up to Memorial Day. Between the 23rd and the 27th of May 2019, you can purchase even the most expensive mattresses at a discounted price, something that does not happen very often. These discounts are not easily available at brick-and-mortar stores. The biggest Memorial Day discounts are only online.

Benefits of Buying A Mattress Online

There are people who are ready to buy everything online but not a mattress. This is mainly because they haven’t had a chance to check out the mattress before purchase. But various studies have found that checking out a mattress in a store does not necessarily offer better customer satisfaction. That’s because all mattresses require some time to break in and the five-minute lie down in the store is far from enough. There is not much difference between buying a mattress at a store and online, especially if you choose a reputed manufacturer and a quality product.

Besides, the best discounts are only available online. If you have never bought a mattress online, here are a few reasons why you should:

Avoid the Crowd

If you’ve ever been to a Black Friday sale, you know the kind of crowds that happen on these days. It seems like all bargain-seekers flock to one place, resulting in long queues, packed aisles, and clogged-up parking lots. Going to shop for a mattress at a store on one of these days is likely to result in a disappointing and exhausting experience because there’s a lot of push and shove and not enough mattresses to try out. This is when online sites are such a boon. You don’t have to navigate through the swarms of people or end up soaked to your skin while waiting in the traffic. Browse from the comfort of your home and have the mattress delivered to your doorstep in a few days.


When you shop for a mattress online, you can do it any time, and any day you want to. There are no closing hours or traffic to deal with. You can shop early in the morning, during the day or even at midnight. This is the convenience that isn’t found in brick and mortar stores.

Wider Selection

No matter how big a store, it can only have a limited selection of mattresses or floor models for customers to test. In a brick and mortar store, only the most popular models are easily available, but the less common mattress types are not. In comparison, online mattress brands have a much wider range of models, from basic mattresses to luxury and cutting-edge products. And you don’t even have to leave your house to check them out.

Verified Buyer Reviews

At a brick and mortar store, there are customer reviews. All you have are the sales staff, and they are famous for lying about a product or trying to make you buy the most expensive option. They are also limited in their knowledge of mattresses. But online customer reviews can provide real insight about a mattress. Don’t stick to only the reviews on the manufacturer’s website, because they usually highlight the positive ones while omitting the negative reviews. Sites like Amazon usually have both positive and negative review from customers, from which you can learn if the product will suit you.

Free Shipping and Delivery

There is no free delivery at brick-and-mortar stores. You either have to take your mattress home or pay a hefty charge for having it delivered to your house. That’s not the case with online mattress brands. Almost every online mattress store has free shipping and delivery options a; over the US, while some also deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. territories. Free standard delivery usually has the mattress compressed and roll-packed in a box. After the buyer unboxes the mattress, it should be aired out for a few days and allowed to expand.

Buyers can also choose to have their mattress not compressed during delivery. Some companies also have White Glove delivery service at an extra charge, which offers in-home setup of the mattress. White Glove delivery doesn’t bring the mattress compressed, so there’s no need to let it expand. While White Glove is expensive, some brands offer it for free, usually if the mattress is highly pricey.

Trial Period

Because customers cannot check out the mattress before purchase, online companies offer an in-home sleep trial for a certain number of days. Brick and mortar stores never have sleep trials because you get to check out the mattress in the store. But almost every online mattress brand today offers a trial period, anywhere between 90 and 365 nights. During this period, a customer can use the mattress to find out if it suits them. If the customer is not satisfied within the trial period, they have the option to return the product and get a full refund. A trial period is often far better than checking out a mattress for five minutes at a store.

Lowest Prices

Online shopping is famous for offering the lowest prices, and it’s the same with mattresses. Because online stores don’t have overhead costs, physical locations or salespeople, they can afford to offer products at a lower price. If you can take advantage of special events like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving or the upcoming Memorial Day, you can make big savings on your mattress purchase. These discounts or low prices are not available at physical stores because they have a lot of overhead costs.

How to Track Memorial Day Discounts and Deals?

Keep in mind that Memorial Day mattress sale lasts only a few days, so you must hurry. If you don’t know about upcoming sale events, it can be hard to get on board on time. There are a few ways to keep track of upcoming sale events, such as:

Signing Up for Newsletters

When you sign up for a brand newsletter, you are usually one of the first to know about upcoming sale and deals. The emails simply drop into your inbox, and all you have to do is check them regularly for the best offers.

Promo Codes

Keep an eye on promo code websites to find out when a deal is going live. Promo codes are also a great way to save money on things you buy, even if it isn’t mattresses.

Leaving an Item in Your Cart

Sometimes, leaving an item in your cart is a great way to make the seller drop the price. This is done to entice you into buying it. You can apply the same trick to your mattress purchase. Simply add the item to your cart and leave it there. You may find the price decreasing in the following days. If that happens, go ahead and buy it.

2019’s Best Memorial Day Mattress Coupons and Deals

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