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by Cheorong Jung Medical Services
The medical healthcare industry of Korea has always been top-notch for the government system gives complete focus on the development and growth of the medical sector. The health security system of the country includes National health insurance scheme, medical aid program and Long-term insurance program. The Republic of Korea has the world-class medical services and s quite famous destination even for medical tourism.

The medical institutions established in Korea are the certified medical hospitals that have years of expertise in offering general and specialized medical services. The Full Health Checkup services are available at the top tier hospitals of the country. The medical portals come handy when you are searching for the right medical service in your location. The Medi2Korea medical portal is easy to use, comprehensive and contains list of best medical practitioners and institutions that are available in Korea. These hospitals also have international health care programs for the medical tourists. For instance, the international health checkup program for the basic checkups will include tests like:
•    Basic tests that are audiometry, body measurement, ophthalmologic tests, stool examination etc.
•    Urinalysis and blood tests will include function tests of kidneys, thyroid and liver. The infection tests will include syphilis, hepatitis A/B/C, HIV antigen and antibodies, helicobacter pylori antibody, rheumatoid factors, electrolytes, tumor markers in pancreas, liver and colon, urinalysis (glucose, pH, color, hematuria, specific gravity etc.) and hyperlipidemia.
•    Respiratory tests will involve pulmonary function tests and chest X-ray.
•    Circulatory tests that include electrocardiography and blood pressure.
•    Basic digestive exams like gastroscopy and abdominal ultrasonography.
•    There are also specialized basic medical exams in Korea for males and females like male hormone, evaluation of functioning of prostrate, tumor maker etc. In females the exams like PAP smear, anemia test, tumor makers in ovaries and mammography.

You can search for the eminent medical hospitals that are expert in offering kids medical checkup facilities. The international health checkup program for the international kids includes:

•    Basic tests like body measurement, stool examination, ophthalmologic tests, and audiometry.
•    Blood tests and urinalysis includes function tests of kidneys, liver and thyroid. Infection tests like hepatitis A/B/C, HIV antigen and antibodies, syphilis and helicobacter pylori antibody. Urinalysis includes specific gravity, glucose, hematuria, pH, color etc. Uric acid test, blood type, diabetes, anemia, hyperlipidemia, rubella virus IgG and varicella zoast virus IgG.
•    Chest X-ray comes under the respiratory test.
•    Blood pressure and electrocardiography comes under circulatory tests.
•    The abdominal ultrasonography comes under digestive tests.

Talking about the women intensive medical care packages which will include:

•    Osteopeorosis tests like bone densitometry.
•    Endocrine tests of thyroid ultrasonography.
•    Other specialized tests customized for female physical health check up in Korea include tumor marker in breasts, HPV, ultrasonography of pelvic and breast, female hormone tests (LH, FSH, prolactin and estrogen).

The heart intensive international medical checkup packages involve various tests such as:

•    Osteoporosis tests
•    Circulatory tests like carotid artery ultrasonography, echocardiography and analysis of arteriosclerosis.

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