Managing Maintenance Orders In SAP

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A good number of business enterprises use SAP systems in their administrative departments. It has a lot of functions which make the handling of documents, invoices, receipts, etc. easier for the enterprise. But, there are some advanced functions which even SAP does not offer. To simplify things further, enterprises can opt for an output management system. The output management system will be seamlessly integrated into the existing SAP system to process the data and deliver the outputs at the required locations.

Who doesn’t want to have all the operations performed by the system at the click of a button? It definitely takes the load of the employees and saves time, thereby allowing them to focus on the core aspects of the business. Over a period of time, having an output system will prove to be cost-effective for the business as they need not invest in various technologies individually to purchase the additional or advanced features. The output management system will have all the required features built into it. The output system solutions is a complete package for the enterprises. 
The following are the ways in which the SAP Maintenance Orders will help the enterprises by making things simple and effective. 

Compilation of the Documents

  • The additional documents are attached and sent to the output locations waiting for the release of the order as a single process, i.e. one does not have to attach the each of the documents manually or select them from different locations. The system will collect and compile the documents in one place.

  • Moreover, nothing changes for the end user as the entire process is performed at the back end.

  • Additionally, employees can inspect all the documents before the printing process. Any additional changes can be done at the last minute where documents can be added or deleted in batches or individually. 

The Right Addendum Documents

  • Employees do not have to stress about finding the right documents anymore. The system when installed creates a master list (metadata) that stores the information about where each of the documents are located in the entire system. 

  • The master list consists of details such as materials, functional locations of the documents, parts lists, equipment details, production resources, etc. 

  • The output management system will analyze the links and attach the required documents accordingly. Extra filters can be added to the system to filter the encrypted and confidential documents. 

Multiple Distribution Methods

  • The output management system handles various SAP maintenance orders with ease. The system can distribute the documents to various locations simultaneously. 

  • The documents can be either printed or sent electronically or both at any given of point of time. The output can be taken at the printers as a single batch. 

  • Or, the documents are converted to a neutral PDF/A format and attached via an email to the specified recipients. 

  • The output management systems also provide apps for smartphones and tablets. The data can be transferred to the apps and can be accessed remotely whenever required. 

Different Filing Locations 

  • SAP has various ways to connect the files with processes and objects. The output management systems support all the ways such as Object Services (GOS), SAP DVS, ArchiveLink and Folders Management.

  • If not, a third-party management system like OpenText, SharePoint, Filesystems, Teamcenter, etc. can be installed which can be integrated into the existing system without a glitch.
Guaranteed Compliance

  • Every step of the process is tracked and recorded in the system. All the deliveries are followed and feedback from the recipients so taken as proof of the delivery.

  • It ensures that the enterprises can find out when a particular set of documents were delivered or printed at which location. 

  • The documents are provided with timestamps or watermarks depending on the requirement of the enterprise. 

Opting for the output management system can be the best decision an enterprise can take that will save them time and money while increasing the efficiency and productivity of the workplace. 

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