Male Infertility Specialist: How to Choose the Best for You?

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

While the choice to see the best male infertility specialist in Delhi is ultimately personal, a few things may help increase the likelihood that a couple will get pregnant after attempting to do so. Suppose you and your spouse have unsuccessfully attempted to get pregnant for a year or six months. If your partner is over 35, you must consult an experienced doctor like Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour for fertility concerns.

Generally, fertility problems are diagnosed after a couple has tried to conceive for at least one year without success. Your urologist and your partner's gynecologist may help get you started, but if fertility seems to be a problem, it's time to consult a specialist.

It might be challenging to locate appropriate medical care under any conditions. The following are some things to think about before picking a specialist:


Success rates at the fertility clinic

A clinic should provide a breakdown of IVF and IUI success rates by patient age, the number of embryos transplanted, etc. Statistically speaking, choosing the clinic with the greatest rate of live births would make sense, but this is not always the case.


There's the reality that certain hospitals and clinics won't take "difficult" cases while others won't think twice about it. Learn as much as possible about the clinic's publicly available success rates, but remember that these numbers cannot tell the entire picture.


The fertility doctor's credibility

Your OB-GYN can provide a referral to the best fertility doctor in Delhi, who is the most qualified to address your concerns. Inquire about the reasoning behind the specialist's recommendation, and do your research using internet resources and word-of-mouth from other patients.


You should look into the doctors as part of your insurance company's network if you plan on undergoing fertility treatment. Consider the age, level of expertise, and education of the professional you consult with at all times. While older doctors will have greater experience and a broader perspective on medicine, younger doctors may be more receptive to innovative therapies and technologies.


Ensure the facility has a variety of treatment options

It is of the utmost importance to figure out whether or if the fertility centre provides more than just IVF to achieve successful conception. IVF is a much more costly alternative than other, more straightforward choices such as Clomid and timed intercourse monitoring.

Suppose the experts advise in vitro fertilization (IVF) without at least telling you of the other options accessible to you. In that case, this is a significant red flag, and you should rethink visiting that specific doctor.


The fertility centre's location

When looking for an infertility specialist in Delhi, location is one of the most important considerations you should make since, after treatment has begun, you will likely be needed to maintain frequent appointments with your physician.


Ensure that the centre and the expert you pick both operate on flexible timings and can meet your job schedule and any other obligations you may have. It is important to remember that the process of treating infertility in no way must make you feel as if your routine is being disrupted in any way.



Before you choose an infertility expert for male infertility treatment in Delhi for yourself, there are a few more considerations you need to consider in addition to all of these essential aspects that need to be taken into account.

It is essential that the other medical staff members put you at ease, effectively communicate with you, and that the facility inspires hope and self-assurance in the treatment you choose. SCI IVF Hospital meets all the requirements above and should be seriously considered if you're ready to overcome male infertility.

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