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Lately, it seems like everyone has a side gig. From driving a car for a ride-sharing company to picking up a bar tending job on the weekend, lots of people are finding interesting ways to make more cash. The unfortunate truth is that wages have stagnated for the last decade, while cost of living and especially real estate has continued to get more and more expensive. For some standard of living increases, here are some effective ways to make some more money outside of your normal job.

Odd Jobs Around the Neighborhood

You'd be surprised about how many people need help around you all the time. With the bulk of the United States population getting into their twilight years, many people can't lift heavy objects or do yard work like they used to. Getting hired on as a handyman can give you some extra cash to spend or save.

Try Your Hand at Tutoring

If you know a second language or have other specialized knowledge, tutoring others is a classic way to earn money. You can charge a fee that will include your transportation to the tutoring location. If you did well at standardized tests, many parents will pay to give their children a better idea of what will be on the tests and how to study more effectively.

Work for a Sharing Company

There are many companies popping up that connect people who can provide a service with people who want it. Home and ride sharing are just a couple popular ways people make some extra money sharing what they have. Ride sharing requires that you have a car of a certain age and a clean driving record, as well as completing checks before you're green lighted, but most of these options don't ask for money to start or specialized training.

Clean Out Your Home Storage

From selling your old possessions online to going into a local store or facility, cleaning out your storage can make your home more organized and pad your pockets with some extra money. First, make a list of which rooms or areas you want to go through. As you organize, set aside anything metal. If you're going through your garage, for example, car parts or bodies of cars you'll never get to repairing are some of the most valuable items. Because the price of gold and silver are higher than ever, you should also pay attention to gold and silver items. If you don't wear your jewelry anymore, selling gold jewelry in Atlanta is a good way to make money.

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