Making Coconut Yoghurt at Home- Health Benefits & Recipe

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
Yogurt made from cow’s milk usually has to rely on the bacteria to ferment the milk to turn it into a tangy and creamy. But coconut milk has very different qualities as well as chemical structure and therefore several different methods to make creamy tangy yoghurt are used. To do this, certain common things needed are probiotic powder for health benefits and taste along with the Agar Agar or Tapioca starch to ferment and thicken the coconut milk into yoghurt. But if you’re thinking about why you should consider consuming coconut milk, there are multiple benefits of doing so.  The following are some of its many different advantages:

  1. When you consume six ounces of unsweetened coconut sugar you gain seventy-five calories and six grams of fat (of which 5 are saturated). However when it comes to the consumption of flavored yogurts, there are more chances of find calories and fat levels. For Example, the chocolate flavor contains 170 calories and fat content of six grams, one hundred and thirty calories and six grams of fat in the mango flavor. The aforementioned fat content form medium-chain triglycerides which can help in controlling the weight, reducing the threat of the disease named atherosclerosis and helping in the boost of immunity.
  2.  Six ounces of unsweetened coconut yoghurt comprises of about six grams of fiber which is twenty-four percent of twenty-five grams that women require per day and sixteen percent of thirty-eight grams, required by men. Fiber contained in the yoghurt helps in digestion and cuts short the risk of constipation.
  3. Coconut Yogurt is a brilliant source of sugar and sodium which are good for bones and muscles strengthening. It is also rich source of magnesium which helps in muscle functioning. Coconut yogurt is also important for Vitamin B-12 that is very important for the production of red blood cells and Vitamin D for Calcium Absorption.
  4. Coconut yogurt is also a good source of antioxidants that are similar to those that are present in grapes, dark chocolate and berries.

 Having spoken vividly about the advantages of Coconut Yogurt, let us shed some light on how to make Coconut Yogurt and that too at home.

Coconut Milk Yogurt Recipe

  • Firstly, take the yogurt containers and sterilize them by mixing cutleries and utensils under boiling water. After having done that, take a saucepan and pour in some coconut milk and heat to one hundred and eighty degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Now, remove the milk while still hot, mix gelatin or the aforementioned Agar Agar starch in order that the milk may thicken. Having done that, add maple syrup or honey as sweetener. This sweetener is what might be referred to as “food” for the bacterial culture which would enable the yogurt to ferment. Next, place the milk to cool at ninety-five to hundred degrees. This cooling enables the fermenting bacteria to thrive.
  • Third, remove half a cup of this cooled coconut milk and mix in the starter culture or the probiotic and stir well. That done, pour this cultured milk in the sterile utensils and cover. Allow the milk to ferment at 105 to 110 degrees for seven to nine hours. When seven hours are complete, check the taste and if necessary, leave it to ferment for a longer period of time. Having fully fermented, you get your coconut milk yogurt

In case if the afore mentioned recipe on How to Make Coconut Yogurt interests you and you would want to buy fermentation accessories pay a visit to the Nourish  Me Organics website. They have an awesome online store for the same.

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