Major Warning Signs of Breast Cancer

by Rohan Khandelwal Breast Surgeon

Today, when all health care centres have turned to be Covid centres or vaccination centres. This has made it impossible for meeting your regular doctors for ‘other’ diseases difficult. This brings us to a position where we are unable to proceed with any check-ups.

In such a case, understanding your symptoms and analysing them helps you overcome the said disease beforehand. But it is indeed a fact that we cannot rely on self-assumptions when it comes to health matters. Though we also cannot deny the fact that understanding certain alarming signs can give us the right treatment at the accurate stage of life. 

Not every disease needs such attention. But a problem like cancer would come to us at the most unexpected moments of life suddenly making us deadly afraid of the same. Instead, according to the breast cancer surgeon in Delhi, treating the topic of cancer as a practical subject will help us build confidence and work towards rising from it soon. 

Any type of cancer can be treated and tackled well if we successfully trace out the signs or symptoms in the early stage itself. Hence, let us dive deep into understanding breast cancer and its symptoms. 

This will help us choose the right way from the very start and also assist us to get the right breast cancer treatment in Delhi soon. 

Breast cancer is an ingrowth of a cancerous lump that proceeds to spread and harm other body organs. These cells grow out of control over the period causing it extremely harmful. This also takes us to the latest research conducted by WHO, stating that breast cancer has even surpassed the largely contracted lung cancer across the globe as well. 

This statement from the WHO brings us to the fact that it has become a common disease as of now. One in three women suffers from breast cancer today. But what stands unfortunate is that by the time breast cancer is detected the woman is in stage 2 or 3. Stage 3 is the most difficult stage to come back from. And hence, detecting this cancerous cell in the early stage makes it convenient for us to begin with the healing process soon as well. 

Though talking about exceptions, apart from women, there are just 5% of men across the globe that suffer from breast cancer. Due to the lowest number itself, we cannot overlook men as well. 

Today, in this article, let us explore the alarming signs of breast cancer for both men and women. 

There is never the same set of symptoms for every individual. For instance, when it comes to fever, symptoms like running nose, watery eyes are not suffered by all. Some deal with headaches, weakness, so on and so forth. Thus, the following list is the general list of symptoms that over the years people have encountered. 

The red signs that need breast cancer treatment in Delhi are as follows:

  • Breast pain

  • Hard or tough sensation in the breast area or armpit

  • Armpit pain

  • Mass fixed on the breast area

  • Visible lump from the pea size to a finger size

  • Inverted nipple (very rare)

  • Nipple discharge other than milk in pregnant women or blood (very rare)

  • Redness in the breast skin

  • Irritation in the breast 

  • Dimpling of the skin

  • Swelling breasts or nipples

  • Thickening of skin

These are some of the basic symptoms listed and addressed when it comes to breast cancer treatments. 

And even if you are dealing with any of this, you do not have to worry because there are various other treatments available. Today, medical capabilities have risen to new heights. This makes it possible for us to avail of numerous medical requirements with ease. 

So, even if you deal with any of the symptoms mentioned above, make sure you have an experienced breast cancer surgeon in Delhi to help you further. You shall heal soon!

Stay Happy and Healthy!

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