Maintenance Tips on Cummins Generator Lubricating System

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Introduction of lubricating oil


The main function of lubricating oil is to reduce friction and wear by providing a long-lasting protective oil film between the moving parts of the diesel engine. It also prevents corrosion on the surface of each component. High temperature cylinders and bearings are highly dependent on the oil film. Lubricating oil also has a very important cooling effect on many components of the genset.


For diesel engine oil, please use the various types of specifications described in the table below. For details, refer to the random information of the diesel engine. (SAE is the American Society of Automotive Engineers temperature/viscosity index, such as 15W/40, etc.: API represents American Petroleum Institute lubricant quality system)


Attentions to lubricating oil


a. Do not start or operate the diesel engine when the lubricating oil filling is opened to prevent the lubricating oil from spraying out.

b. The use of lubricating oil that does not meet the above specifications will result in operational loss and poor reliability.

c. If the diesel engine uses the wrong type or quality grade lubricant, the warranty service will be invalid, should avoid different specifications, different brands of lubricating oil mixed use.


Replace lubricating oil and oil filter


I. Hot lubricating oil is easy to cause scald. Please avoid the contact between hot oil and skin. Add lubricant to ensure that the lubricating oil is between the lowest and highest oil level mark. Be sure to follow the recommended lubricant replacement period. When replacing lubricating oil, be sure to replace oil filter at the same time.


II. Replacement steps


a. Remove the bottom screw plug, drain the lubricating oil, install the bottom screw plug, and remove the filter;

b. Clean the filter mounting seat to avoid dirt entering the engine when insta

c. Stop the engine after running to the operating temperature;

d. Fill the new filter with lubricating oil, apply some oil to the gasket, and screw the filter to the engine by hand until the gasket touches the base, and then tighten it;

e. Add the lubricant to the appropriate level;

f. Start the generator set, check whether the lubricant pressure is normal, check for leakage around the filter.

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