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Embracing the mind-body ritual

One of India's top fitness enthusiasts, Shivohaam, is poised to transform the exercise and fitness sector by shedding focus on a different aspect of fitness. Words like "fitness" and "workout"   have    traditionally been linked to someone's physical health. Shivohaam has now combined mental and physical wellness to provide each individual with comprehensive fitness and shatter preconceived notions of what constitutes fitness. Mindfulness, the term means the fundamental capacity of humans to be completely present, conscious of their surroundings, aware of what they are doing, and not unduly reactive or overwhelmed by what is happening around them. Shivohaam has effectively incorporated this   very notion into everyday training routines, concentrating on how mindfulness influences a person's mental and physical health. He now hopes to spread this concept around the globe.

“Shiva”, who is   revered    as   the deity of spiritual wisdom and power in Hinduism, is represented by the Sanskrit word Shivohaam, which means   strength and   power. Shiva's mantras, known as "Shivohaam," give him the courage to speak the truth, the endurance to stay firm, and the    insight to rule the world with what is righteous inside. In Sanskrit, the Maha Vakya says   that we are nothing more than Shiva and that our purpose in being is to use our talents to make the world a better place.   Shivohaam    is   the    sensation    of understanding oneself, determining one's life purpose, and utilizing one's power for the benefit of society.

Shivohaam along with his wife Vrindda has developed “Quick Interactive Consultation Sessions” for each person as well as a secure community of fitness enthusiasts who support and encourage one another in their quest to become fitter and live better. The consultation session includes fitness program recommendations, diet, nutritional guidelines, tips, clarity and peace of mind. Any action taken with a joyful heart and a   good outlook is   always helpful. The   only things   that are typically absent when someone begins their   fitness journey   are support   and a   sense   of belonging. A person   is instantly   motivated to  continue  working  towards     the objective when he/she     is surrounded by     individuals who share their aims and mindset. Constant direction from fellow    fitness enthusiasts in the form of advice and encouragement has a very favorable psychological effect on an individual and makes   working out simpler  and much more  effective. Respecting each person's unique skills and requirements when   consulting has a significant mental impact. 

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Mindfulness at rescue during workouts

Mindfulness   has a   lot of   positive   results   during workouts. Throughout  the workout sessions, it is very important for the person who is working out to  be healthy, learn the     exercises effectively, have a fresh mind, and have a good emotional state   and good  sleep. Athletes   find mindfulness helps them to be process-oriented and less anxious,   allowing them    to enjoy better health and improved performance. Including yoga, meditation, asana, etc.  in the workout session makes a great difference in the overall  outcome of the session and this is what makes Shivohaam  fitness  sessions  different  from  any  other    fitness session.

Major Benefits of Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness boosts the immune system, reduces negative emotions, reduces stress

  • It increases gray matter density in areas linked to learning, memory, emotional regulation, empathy, and sleep.

  • Mindfulness improves focus, concentration, and our ability to let go of negative thoughts that can affect our performance.  

The relationship between mindfulness and physical wellness is   reciprocal as well. The state of one's physical and mental health are directly related. Beyond enhanced strength and aerobic fitness, exercise has   other positive      effects. Yes, exercising may improve   your  health and physique, decrease belly fat, improve your sex life, and even prolong your life.      However,  it seldom inspires people to    keep    working out. Those who exercise regularly     often do so because it makes them feel  excellent. They get better sleep at night,    feel more at peace and hopeful about their lives, and have more energy throughout the day.   It is also a powerful remedy for a variety  of common mental health problems. Shivohaam and Vrindda works on your mind and body in equal  measure, which has an influence on  your overall lifestyle in addition to improving it.

Bootcamp- Workout at your doorsteps

All that counts in the 21st century's digital era are a product's   and    service's price and accessibility. One of the main arguments against exercising might be having to go to the gym every day at a specific hour while leading a   busy life.   What if you could go to the gym every day in the  comfort  of  your  own  home? For a brighter future for fitness    enthusiasts,  Shivohaam is here to   offer the cheapest  and  most accessible training program ever. People of    various sizes, ages, and abilities may work on their fitness with an organized   training plan specifically created for them during Bootcamp's 6-day online workout    session.     Shivohaam himself. There are separate workout plans and perks offered    for men and women, respectively. With the  exception of  yoga mats,   dumbbells,   kettlebells, resistance  bands,  and  loop bands, very little gym equipment   is required.  This fast  boot  camp  of  scheduled daily workouts, food plans, educational advice, and consultations is the best way to begin your fitness adventure if you haven't already, or to  continue  it   and  make it even better if you have. Click to join the journey to transform your body to get more stronger, healthier and fitter Shivohaam's Bootcamp or reach for more details.

Here are a few fitness enthusiasts’ testimonials about the benefits of Bootcamp

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