Magical Cannabis – A Gateway Drug to addictions

by Achal M. Achal

Cannabis; also known as Marijuana is a psychoactive drug known to be a gateway to other fatally addictive drugs. The word DRUG brings in a lot of mixed reactions around it like anxiety, relief, dislike, resistance, curiosity, attraction etc. As someone rightly said, the more forbidden a practice is, it’s bound to get illegal and that is exactly what has been happening around drugs.

Coming to Cannabis as a drug in particular its origin can be traced down to Central Asia and certain parts of Upper South Asia as well. The principal psychoactive element of Cannabis happens to be Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) among at least 113 other cannaboids.

Cannabis is majorly used for Recreational purpose. However when administered under monitored environments it has certain medicinal and industrial usage as well.

Recreational Usage:

A drag of this sends you to a different world and relieves you of the ongoing chaos. Getting to the depth of its effects please note that the same are triphasic in nature. At primary levels it sets in a state of relaxation with mild levels of euphoria followed by secondary levels which elevates to philosophical thinking, introspection, traits of paranoia and anxiety. The tertiary level has been observed to increase the heart rate and hunger.  

Effects of the drug is dependent on its dosage, medium of consumption and tolerance of the concerned individual towards it. Effects of larger dose consumed via smoking pipe, vaporizer etc. are known to have effects for a good three to four hours. However, oral doses may have long lasting effects.

As consumption of Cannabis for recreational purpose takes place in absence of any medical supervision the same has the highest nuisance value and should be strictly avoided.

Medicinal Use:

Cannabis has been seen to be effective either in treatment or in alleviating the effects of treatment. Nausea and vomiting resulting after the Chemotherapy or Neuropathic pain, Spasticity and Overactive Bladder observed among patients of Multiple sclerosis; cannabis has been seen to bring in relief. It is also effective to improvise the appetite among patients of HIV/AIDS.

Its consumption is bound to create certain side effects however as the dosage is monitored it can still be ticked ok for medicinal use under strictly supervision.

Industrial Use:

Amongst the various species that fall under Cannabis, Sativa is the one which is used for Industrial application. It’s basically a soft durable fiber found in the stem of this plant and is called Hemp when cultivated for non-drug usage. It’s used to produce paper, textiles, construction material and food products like Hemp Milk, Hemp Oil and Hemp Seeds. It is also a source of bio fuels. In comparison to Cotton, Hemp is highly durable and strong. Certain countries have regulations around the limit of THC component in products which are tagged as hemp.

It is the absence of knowledge around Cannabis or any other drug which leads to drug abuse. There is a lot of open talk around this which is required to avoid further harm to the youth or mankind at large. Open discussions will reduce the curiosity factor around it and promote usage wherever necessary. Cannabis as a drug if administered under supervision can turn around to be useful; though the after effects are never pleasing and hence consumption without medical supervision is highly not recommended.

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