Machine Learning-The Next Big Thing in Technology!

by Sunil Upreti Digital Marketing Executive (SEO)

Machine learning is relatively a new term which denotes to the science of getting computers to act without being programmed. Used commonly nowadays, this new technology is helping in making progress towards human-level AI, known as artificial intelligence. You may wonder upon knowing that just like human learn from experiences, the computer also does the same in terms of using data as experience.

Let’s understand what Machine Learning is!

Machine learning is known as an automated process which helps software-based systems in analyzing huge data sets and at the same time recognizes patterns. By using these patterns, the software can reprogram as well as enhance itself and that too, without human assistance. Major consumer brands including Amazon, Facebook and Netflix have adopted machine learning and as a result, these brands are enjoying improved customer experience.

While joining any Machine Learning Institute in Delhi, you will get to learn that machine learning makes applications to think and make a decision independently. It is like going beyond the capability of predictive analytics and big data analytics as well as what the human brain can do. Machine learning works wonders with big data because of the complexity and even volumes of the data are high.

During the study of Machine Learning Courses in Delhi, you will get to know that we can take help of machine learning during our daily activities like:

Search Engine Results – Every person using a computer must be aware of it. Human beings are social animals and therefore, they keep seeking the help of others to run daily life and machine learning plays an important role in the same.

Fraud Detection – A serious threat to the privacy, frauds need immediate action. With the help of machine learning, it is easy to detect fraud and reach out to the culprits.

New Pricing Models- It is another activity that speaks about the importance of machine learning. Deciding on new pricing models needs not only focus but also requires decision-making capabilities. It is where the machine learning comes into the picture.

Email Spam Filtering- Spams are common nowadays. To keep an eye on spams, it requires the immediate task of filtering. It can be done easily with Email spam filtering.

Prognosis of Equipment Failure – It can happen anytime and using machine learning can be really helpful in such scenarios. It is also used in the prognosis of equipment failure.

Credit Scoring – Scoring credits is another activity we come across online daily. Therefore, we cannot deny the role of machine learning.

Types of Machine Learning :

Supervised Learning- This type of learning is commonly used in various applications where historical data predict future events. Here you have input and output variable and by using an algorithm, you can learn the mapping function. For instance, there is a linear regression which is used to combat regression problems. Random forest is another example which is used for classification as well as regression problems and further, it supports vector machines.

Unsupervised Learning- As the name suggests, it is used against data which does not have any historical labels. The system is not considered as the ‘right answer.’ The algorithm also figures out its own device to explore the data. The main goal is to model the underlined structure and discover the data within. Unsupervised learning works better on transactional data. It can also be classified into cluster and association. The popular techniques include self-organizing maps, singular value decomposition, nearest-neighbor mapping and k-means clustering. These algorithms are carefully used to segregate text topics, suggest items and recognize data outliers.

Benefits of Machine Learning in Business:

Detecting Spams- Machine learning has been used effectively for the purpose of spam detection. Earlier, email service providers were using the old existing and rule-based techniques for filtering out the spam. The spam filters are also creating new rules by using neural networks to detect spam as well as phishing messages.

Recommending the Products- Unsupervised learning assists to develop recommendation systems that are based on products. Most of the e-commerce websites nowadays use machine learning to recommend the products. Here, ML algorithms make use of customer’s buying history and cross check it with the huge product inventory to recognize the hidden patterns. After doing this, they further classify the same products together. The products are then recommended to customers and thus, encouraging them to buy.

Maintenance of Data- If you are aware of the working strategy of manufacturing firms, you must know that they regularly follow preventive as well as corrective maintenance practices that are inefficient and expensive. However, with the help of ML, organizations in this sector can use this to explore useful insights and patterns lying hidden in the factory data. It is called predictive maintenance which assists in decreasing the risks associated with sudden failures and discards the unnecessary expenses. ML architecture can be established using historical data, flexible analysis environment, workflow visualization tool and the feedback loop.

Analysing the Finance- Owing to the large volumes of accurate and quantitative historical data, ML can be effectively used in financial analysis. ML is being extensively used in finance for managing the portfolio, trading algorithmic, underwriting loan and detecting fraud.

Cyber Security- ML can also be used to enhance the security of a company as cybersecurity is one of the most prevalent issues to be resolved in different firms. Here, ML enables new-generation providers to create smart technologies, which can cater to the problem of unknown threats by effectively detecting them.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction- ML can greatly help in enhancing customer loyalty and further ensure the great customer experience which you can learn while studying in any good Machine Learning Institute in Delhi. It is possible by using the earlier call records for recognizing the customer behavior which is based on the client need. It will be aptly assigned to the suitable customer service executive. It decreases the cost greatly and the time invested to maintain the customer relationship.

Bio: Various machine learning courses in Delhi are available for freshers and professionals. Join a reputed machine learning institute in Delhi to make a move towards a rewarding career.

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