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While the Mediterranean is a leading holiday destination for 2018, there are differences between different markets. The Germans continue to make holidays in Spain and Greece, but also within their own country. It is the only nationality of travellers in Europe where the interior of the country is at the top five of their most popular holiday destinations in the summer. Germans tend to pick popular destinations like Mallorca, Antalya, Crete, Rhodes and Kos. For Norwegians, Swedes, Danes and Finns, but also for Poles, Austrians and French, Greece was the ultimate holiday destination at least this last year. The Austrians prefer mainly Crete and Rhodes. The French also tend to choose Greece regularly for their vacation.

Greece is a country that is traditionally an ideal travel option according to distinguished travel writers. Actually, Greece is in the top 5 absolute luxury vacation destinations, which are traditionally the ideal travel choice. Greece has plenty of options for your luxury holidays. The feeling of a luxury trip with high-standard services is, in fact, everybody's need. Luxury does not only determine the cost but the willingness to leave someone in the care of people who know the art of hospitality well. 

The cradle of Western culture maintains its inexhaustible charm for travellers looking for a destination with natural beauty and cities with a rich history and culture. Greece is a fascinating country with a rich tradition and great locals. People's charm and generosity will surely get your attention. This grace dominates all over Greece. In this lovely country, you can book your stay in world-class resorts and adorn the shores and islands of the country, all of which are gorgeous, in the most relaxed way. From the smallest and slick boutique hotels in the white-washed island villages to the luxurious villas and suites among the olive trees overlooking a UNESCO cultural heritage site, the choice of accommodation in Greece is as attractive as its mythology.

Greece participates strongly in the constellation of the countries offering luxurious holidays. The Greek islands are synonymous with cosmopolitanism, and major cities, such as Athens and Thessaloniki, gather people of high status from all over the world. The glamour that has been created since the 1960s with well-known names of the Greek society that were involved in the world of celebrities such as Aristotle Onassis, Stavros Niarchos, Maria Callas, Melina Mercouri and dozens of others, has launched Greece in the first places of preference in luxury tourism.

The excellent infrastructure regarding the Greek hotel accommodation guarantees that the demanding travellers are going to have an unforgettable stay. Five-star hotels all over Greece, private villas that offer discretion and comfort, the possibility of enjoying the everyday life with a yacht, combined with the high gastronomic tradition, the markets of branded and traditional goods and the unparalleled Greek nature create the best framework for enjoying absolute luxury both in the mainland as well as around the Greek islands. Greece is the ideal destination for such luxurious getaways. Five-star hotels, but also more discreet, offer an amazing range of services and care, exclusively for women who love feeling like queens or even couples and families you enjoy being well taken care of. Beauty treatments, invigorating body spa or massage therapies, carefree and delicate diet are some of the lures that such Greek resorts can offer to their visitors.

Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Rhodes are among the most popular destinations worldwide. It is well known that in recent years many movie stars and other celebrities from the arts or even sports prefer the Greek islands as well as the mainland to enjoy their holidays. The unmistakable beauty of Greek nature and the art of hospitality, inherent in the Greek tradition, create an irresistible escape to which more and more celebrities stay true to year after year. Greek island hopping during autumn seems ideal especially if you are on a budget.

In Mykonos, you can find luxury accommodation at affordable prices, especially if you look for offers online or even better if you decide to travel offseason. The environment is hospitable and cosy as if you are in your home, the atmosphere is peaceful and calm, everything you need to relax, and the modern and luxurious comforts, so that you do not miss anything on your vacation. Most accommodation options are built with the characteristic whitewashed architecture of Mykonos, it would be ideal to book your stay close to the centre of the island so that you can enjoy a relaxing holiday away from the crowds while living the lively Chora, within 5 minutes. You can find spacious, fully equipped suites and villas in several resorts which can be characterized by a minimal decoration and homey atmosphere, combining the most affordable private hospitality experience. Some of them might even come with a fully equipped kitchen if you wish. What you'll enjoy most are the Queen-size beds and the views. We all dream and hope to enjoy even one day of luxury and comfort in one of the wonderful hotels in the Greek islands. The good news is that anyone can do that on a budget if when booking your stay you choose the right dates. September and October have become the "new August", the weather is still good and the prices drop immensely. Who said there are no luxury holidays in Greece?

During September and October, popular destinations have been relieved by the crowds. The resorts are still gorgeous and their prices are certainly lower. There are other reasons for a holiday in the early autumn. The weather is ideal, everyone enjoys nature with their senses, everything seems heightened as the colours change between seasons, you can have more quality tourism and a better night entertainment regarding the service. If you are in love, you will find many cosy havens at low prices, but you will also have the opportunity to experience more strongly what we call total relaxation. The prices regarding hotels and rooms to let are impressively lower, a fact that allows the visitor to extend his vacation in one of the most beautiful islands in the world and, if one is in love, to experience everything at an unrivalled degree, getting the most out of its unique sunset and breathtaking views.

Autumn is the best time to visit Greece. Hordes of tourists have diluted, the temperature has fallen, everything feels more relaxed and quiet. Crete is excellent in autumn and will not cost you much. Autumn in Europe may not require a jacket. Those who are looking to expand their summer until the end of October must go to Crete. From September to November, the temperature does not fall below 20 degrees. Search for hotels near Elafonissi, the most beautiful beach in Europe. The grandeur of the island lies not only on the beaches but also on its famous mountains and the villages that offer excellent food. Those who live in Crete or visit it in November know well that in autumn Crete is transforming. The green carpet that forms the grass spreads almost everywhere and Crete seems to wake up from the summer lethargy. In the autumn when the first rains fall, nature suddenly seems to wake up and within a few days, everything becomes green again. Autumn wildflowers appear in the countryside and summer dust is washed away. 

Rhodes island will amaze you with its golden beaches, its green hills and its valleys, bathed in the vibrant Greek sunlight, is a place favoured by nature. Built from prehistoric times, it quickly developed into a major economic and cultural centre of the ancient Greek world. The old town of Rhodes, where the heart of the cosmopolitan island strikes, will invite you to time travel to the medieval era. The island has the greatest sunshine in Europe and a sky with great clarity. Rhodes offers wonderful accommodation and holidays all year round. In the winter, the island gets back its green colour after the first rains. Autumn is the sweetest season of the year. The intensity and the high temperatures recede and the sea is tranquil. Rhodes is glamorous and hospitable all seasons. This island welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world, who come to rest, taste the salt of the sea, feel the warm embrace of the sun, visit the archaeological and historic World Heritage sites, participate in cultural events, get to know the hospitable inhabitants and their folk culture.

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