Low Level Laser Therapy Treatment

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The buzz around laser therapy in general has increased to a great extent and the words on the streets is that the low level laser therapy treatment for hair loss can offer miraculous results. Doctors claim that the treatment can stop the loss of hair within its tracks, can allow them to regrow and also gives a person an amazingly thicker and fuller head of hair. Hence, you might have noticed an alarmingly increasing rate of sales when it comes to different laser devices such as laser caps and combs. Even though a non-surgical method for hair loss treatment such as this one might sound too good to be true, this has proven to be one of the most effective methods and many people have benefited from it. If you are still in doubt whether or not to get the hair treatment then keep on reading to know further. 


The fundamentals of  low level laser therapy treatment


It is one of the most efficient treatments for hair loss that does not involve any kinds of operations and just uses a laser light to facilitate the growth of cells by supercharging the follicles found in people’s hair. One of the most appealing reasons for which you should get the treatment is because this is absolutely painless and does not have any kind of side-effects that could be damaging to your skin. 


The procedure has also been by the FDA and people of all genders can go through the sessions. It is mostly used to treat people who have developed a condition called the androgenetic alopecia in medical terms and to us it is known as the male or female pattern baldness. 


It is safe to say that the low-level laser therapy can also be used to other kinds of alopecia in people whose hair loss is due to different causes such as chemotherapy of the kind of hair loss that women experience after their pregnancies of going through menopause. 


The given treatment can also be used for other kinds of treatments for hair loss such as the PRP procedure and could be proven to be specifically effective when it is incorporated with various procedures for hair transplant. 


How does the procedure work?


To put it in simple terms, when the laser light from the said therapy enters the scalp it tends to stimulate the cells that are known to regenerate the hair follicles and thus, encourages the growth of hair. The process also works to enhance the production of ATP along with the metabolic procedures of the cells for letting the hair grow significantly faster. 


The light further acts to improve the flow of blood within the targeted area of a persons’ scalp which helps to improve the delivery of necessary nutrients along with oxygen to the follicles of the hair. It lets the hair grow with significantly better length and results in fuller hair that makes it look like a person has an extremely large volume of hair on their heads. 


The kinds of results you can expect from this treatment

Firstly, the process has worked wonders for the majority of people in giving them that confidence-boost which they might have lost due to the thinning of hair. However, one must also know that the low level laser therapy treatment will not work for people whose baldness has existed for several years and it cannot help hair to grow in areas in which there is no visibility or existence of any hair. Therefore, it is always advised to start the treatment as early as possible, meaning the moment someone notices their hair thinning out of the blue they should definitely consult a doctor about the treatment. 


The result of the treatment might start to appear as early as two months after the session and the result will continue to slowly improve even more with time. However, in case the treatment is disrupted the hair loss will start again and it will begin to go back to its natural state. 


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