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The odds of winning the lottery are so bad that it almost seems pointless to worry about lottery strategy or tips. Even if you can double your chances of winning, you’ll still probably spend a lifetime waiting in vain for your big day.

On top of that, strategy-minded people tend to understand just how bad the odds are and therefore don’t bother with the FL lottery. Sure, they may buy the occasional ticket for fun, but I doubt many of them spend any significant time working through the numbers. There are much better games to apply math for an advantage.

The Best Lottery Strategies

If you would rather spend your time learning about lottery tips that actually work, this is the place to begin. I’ll get you started and then let you take it from there.

Focus on Your EV, not on Your Odds

EV is short for expected value. In short, the expected value tells you the long-term value of any decision that you make in a game of chance. We can use the old coin flip game to show how the expected value works.

Pretend you and a friend have a coin and make a bet. If the coin lands on heads, you win $2 from your friend. If it lands on tails, you owe your friend $1. We can tell right off the bat this is a good bet, but we can use a little math to show why this is a good bet. All you do is multiply the probability of each outcome by the amount you win or lose, and then sum it up. So with the above game in mind:

Learn How To Double Your Odds Of Winning The Lottery!

Want to know how to double your chances of winning? Easy! Just buy two lottery tickets! You have now doubled the odds of winning. Want to triple your chances of winning? Buy three tickets! The point here is to show that the expected value is more important than the odds of winning (unless you have some kind of inside knowledge about a fixed lottery). So how do you increase your EV? Well, I’ll explain one way right now.

Let the Computer Pick Your Numbers for You

Most of the lotteries that I’ve seen allow you to either pick your own numbers or let the computer pick them for you at random. It may seem a little odd, but lottery picks chosen by an RNG (random number generator) will give you a slightly higher expected value.

The reason this holds true is that humans are bad at picking numbers at random. If you ask a classroom full of students to try to simulate the results of 100 coin flips, they’ll give you sequences that are far from random. It is well documented that humans are terrible at simulating randomness.

Pick the Numbers

Now, apply that to the lottery. If you pick your numbers based on important dates, lucky numbers, certain patterns, or even based on recent lottery results, you’re going to have a slightly higher chance of splitting your winnings if you are so lucky to win with someone else.

When you pick your own lottery numbers, the odds are slightly higher that someone else has picked those same numbers. Thus, you have a slightly higher chance of splitting your prize. This slightly lowers the expected value of your lottery ticket.

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