Lost key, stolen key: what to do?

by Jhon Harry Digital Marketing

Losing house keys, forgetting them inside the house or stealing them is a destabilizing situation. Your security may be endangered, especially if you have lost them along with your name and address. Nevertheless, this is not the time to lose your cool because it is about reacting quickly and proceeding in order. What to do in such a situation? We propose to discover through this article, the different gestures and behaviors to observe in case of theft or loss of keys.

What are the first steps to take in case of loss of keys?

  • Steps to call an emergency locksmith

  • How to use your home insurance policy in case of loss of keys?

  • What are the tips to prevent the loss of keys?

  • First steps in case of losing your house keys

  • The first thing to do is to keep calm. Generally, one panics as soon as one misplaces or that one believes to have lost an object. In particular, when it comes to keys, the panic is often at its height. Panic is the enemy of common sense because you will not succeed in adopting adequate reflexes. Breathe well and be methodical.

First, try to remember your specific journey to find out where your keys may have been forgotten . It is also strongly recommended to leave a duplicate keys with a relative or the concierge. This precaution makes it possible to quickly solve the problem of the loss of keys and to avoid you to pay high costs to involve a locksmith Ogden Utah. If you are a renter, you can go to the owner who usually has a spare key.

Call an emergency locksmith

If despite all these efforts, you do not find your key and do not have a duplicate, it becomes necessary to obtain the quote of a locksmith quickly . If the lost keys do not carry labels, the risk of break-ins remains minimal and re-keying will be sufficient. Nevertheless, if the keyring is labeled with your name or address, a possible burglary is not excluded. In this case, it is imperative to change the lock on your door as soon as possible.

The operations of locksmiths can quickly become expensive, especially since it will be an emergency repair. In the case of a lost key or a stolen key , always ask the professional for a full quote to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

How to involve the home insurance contract?

Before using a locksmith , it is strongly recommended to call the emergency service of the insurer . Of course, provided that the home multi-risk insurance covers theft as the loss of keyrings . The insurer will contact the organization closest to the place of intervention. After a brief diagnosis, the locksmith will proceed to open the door and send the invoice directly to the insurer. Note that it is very important to check the specific clauses of your housing contract. Depending on the coverage chosen, you may have to pay a deductible.

In the case of key theft, the same procedure applies. You will also be required to make a key theft report at a police station and return it to your insurer.

What are the means of prevention?

Prevention is better than cure. If you are of the same opinion, here are some precautions to take in order not to end up in unpleasant situations of lost keys or stolen keys.

Never put your names and addresses on your keychain.

It's a good idea to give your key a duplicate of your keys to a trusted person near you, but keep in mind that distributing copies of your keys will weaken your security rather than reinforce it.

Opt for keys protected for life: they can only be reproduced by the manufacturer or an authorized locksmith, upon presentation of the property card.

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