Looking for Solar Panels in Midland? Here’s Complete Step-by-step Guide from Middle Swan

by Glenn Stoinis Solar Panel Installation

Are you a nature lover who wants to switch to eco-friendly and renewable energy resources? Are you looking for solar panels in Midland that are affordable, durable, and of good quality? If yes, then congratulations; you have arrived at the right place as Middle Swan Solar presents before you a complete solar panel installation Midland guide in a step-by-step process.

Solar panels are used to generate electricity for both domestic as well as commercial use. Their position should be such that they get maximum possible sunlight and generate maximum electricity.

Middle Swan Solar- Our Service.

We are one of the most renowned businesses selling solar panels in Midland. These panels are generally installed on rooftops, building tops, or stand-alone facilities. It is imperative to install solar panels at a point that receives the most direct sun exposure throughout the day.

There is a reason for this- solar panels perform at their best capacity only when placed in direct sunlight. When installing solar panels, we try to position your photovoltaic panels directly under the sun for maximum efficiency from the photovoltaic unit.

Types of Solar Panel Mounts

We deal with three kinds of solar panel mounts, viz. pole mounts, roof-ground mounts, and flush mounts. Using these, you can install your solar panel onto an RV, on the rooftop, or against the side of a pole, on your roof.

Step-by-Step Installation Process

  • Mounting the Installation: The first step is the installation of mounts to support the solar panels. These can be roof-ground mounts or flush mounts as per needs. A lot of focus is given to the direction in which the PV panels are installed. As the USA lies in the northern hemisphere, the panels face south to get maximum light. Furthermore, the panels are slightly titled between 18 to 36 degrees for the purpose.
  • Installation of Panel: After mounting the installations, the solar panels are fixed. They are tightened using nuts and bolts, and it is ensured that the structure is sturdy and robust.
  • Electrical Wiring: MC4 connectors are best for electrical wiring as they can be connected to all types of solar panels. In this step, the panels are connected with each other using electric wires.

·         Connecting to Solar Inverter: After wiring is done, the system is then connected to a solar inverter. The positive wire from the solar panel is connected with the Positive terminal of the inverter, and the Negative wire is connected with the Negative terminal of the inverter. Furthermore, the solar inverter is then connected with the Solar Battery and Grid input in order to generate electricity.

·         Connecting solar inverter with solar battery: In this step, the battery's positive terminal is connected with the positive terminal of the inverter, and the negative terminal is connected with the negative terminal of the inverter. Also, a Battery is installed in an off-grid solar system to store backup electricity.

·         Connecting solar inverter with the grid: After the solar inverter is connected with the solar battery, the inverter is connected with the grid. For this, a standard plug is used to connect to the main power switchboard. After this, an output wire is connected with an electric board that supplies electricity to the place.

·         Switch on inverter: After all the electrical wiring and connections are made, the inverter switch is switched on the Main Switch of the house. The solar inverter will have a digital display to show details about solar electricity generation and its usage.

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