Looking Ahead: The Future of VR Game Development in 2022

by Max Anderson Digital Marketer

Industrial landscapes continue to change after the involvement of virtual reality technology. Virtual reality is creating its own space without relying on many things in a traditional environment. Likewise, virtual reality in the game has created a significant market size in a short time span.

The main goal of VR game development was developed with a focus on game and entertainment. But VR gradually stepped into the marketing, retail, education, fitness sector, and health care as well. Virtual reality has stepped out with a wide range that brings good advantages to consumers and businesses.

Virtual Reality Gaming is beyond entertainment

Virtual reality in games

VR Gaming is about a new generation of computer games with amalgamation of virtual reality technology (VR). Players can truly experience a perspective of action games through various Gaming VR devices and accessories.

VR has great potential in the game sector and shows a rapid growth rate. Most of the idea of ​​virtual reality in playing game is very interesting to provide a deep experience in a three-dimensional gaming environment. Therefore, VR games allow users to not only observe 360-video content from the game but to feel it.

The game environment includes a VR headset, gloves equipped with sensors, hand controllers, and more that provide a feeling of attendance in the virtual world. This gives new advantages to players when they arrive at the level of interaction.

Benefits for Startups

For startup in the game sector, this is a new approach to attracting customers. Along with the business and company headsets VR can visit their approach to creating a familiar experience.

This allows people to try virtual reality games which result in potential conversion leads to more sales. VR in playing games can improve game play experience with immersion and sensation.

• Creating a profound level of interaction

• Create game content

• 360-video content and graphics

• 3D game environment

• Promote market campaigns


VR game is useful for promoting new marketing campaigns. Virtual reality games can play important tools for players who can control and modify the game environment. Video games in VR can offer new superior options in three-dimensional gaming environments. VR game experience will be achieved through all human senses while playing games.

Here are some accessories used in VR gaming

  • ·        Headsets VR Mobile
  • ·        Mandiri headset
  • ·        PC Headset / VR Console
  • ·        VR GIM Controllers.
  • ·        VR gaming gloves.

It is clear that the market for virtual reality technology has the potential to be wide. Many VR applications grow in different fields. Businesses with high speed money by using VR. According to research data from the company's statista expect sales of virtual reality products to reach $ 5.2 billion by the end of 2019. The hardware market and software in the room will sweep the highest estimated predictions.

VR technology provides freedom of movement and human sense recreation. This is an innovative technology from the VR headset, which brings good benefits for consumers and businesses.

Fast tips about how and where to start


1. Determine your product

First of all, you must define the type of product VR what you want to produce. In other words, find your niche in this industry.

2. Determine your audience

Statista forecasts approach a number of consumers who will use several types of AR / VR technology around the world to 171 million in 2018. You can find the potential of your users among them. Of course, it calls for extensive marketing research, but has ideas for products and prospective audience that helps to attract investors.

3. Hire the best AR / VR application development company

As it is. The future of your product depends on this step. Thus trying hard, trying every effort to find the best software company (for your money) that has years of experience, a good portfolio, and good ability in the development of augmented and / or virtual reality applications.

4. Watch new developments

Mark Zuckerberg deep in many ways has determined the popularity of VR at this time. When Facebook acquired the Oculus company, it increases the interests of the world for this technology. Extraordinary attention is interested in brands such as HTC and HTC Vive them, made in collaboration with valves. Of course, Sony, one of the biggest and most influential publishers in the game industry, cannot skip the stream of Development of VR / AR technology that is not stopped. And don't forget the Samsung Gear VR wireless headset developed in 2015. In accordance with Vicinal developments helps get ideas for new devices, applications and services.

5. Watch industrial trends AR / VR

Virtual reality as well as unreal game development gets momentum, and there are many speculations about their current and future tendencies. For example, one of the most interesting trends for the coming years is mixed reality (MR). In short, while AR is a reality with integrated digital elements, Mr is virtual reality with real-integrated elements of life.

6. Get funding

So far, the AR / VR area has a lot of space to claim. Many venture investors and business angels are looking for startup with promising ideas. To win their attention, you must prepare an efficient business plan and the previous MVP.

Often the idea might not look convincing at first glance, especially for those who do not know. In this case, you should go to special seed accelerators or business incubators. These institutions provide initial stages with funding, training, and guidance that are needed. Startup enters the accelerator for a certain period of time and undergoes a very thorough and in-depth study course.

Last but not a few ways to finance startup are crowdfunding. Platforms such as Indiegogo, Kickstarter or GofundMe gave hundreds if it wasn't thousands of startups needed to encourage. Some of them then raised venture investments and thus continued to grow further.

Last thought

There are new VR waves in different fields such as storytellers, writers, and game designers. The idea of ​​VR in playing game is completely captivated by the user. Therefore, VR has become a vital player in the game sector. This is the potential for revolutionary in the world where it is embedded openly.

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