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Are you tired of getting regular treatments for osteoarthritis, that always wear off in a few months?

It's better than nothing, for sure - but what if there was a one-shot solution that offered similar results, which didn't fade away?

It could be easier than you think, using a new formula that offers the same protection, without the risk of biodegradation - but I'm getting a little ahead of myself.

It's called Arthrosamid, maybe you've heard of it. It's still rather new, but it is available from certain experienced specialists, like Professor Paul Lee, from MSK Doctors.

To write this blog, I've taken information mostly from Prof. Lee, explaining how Arthrosamid works, what to expect, and how it's helped others. You can find all my source materials, or make an appointment to learn more, at

Everybody asks the same two questions first, so let's get right into those, before looking at the details.

The first thing most people want to know is, whether it's safe, and if it will really last forever.

The answers are, definitely, and maybe?

Here's the deal - Arthrosamid has been in testing for over 20 years to make sure it's safe, but there haven't been long enough tests on its duration, because nobody thought the benefits could last long enough.

For a "long-term" trial, an experiment lasting 2 years was set up, but at the end of the two years, patients reported still feeling pain and stiffness relief - and you can't just add more time onto a clinical trial.

So experts now believe, since Arthrosamid is non-biodegradable, that it could provide a cushion in your knee for the rest of your life - but we just don't know for sure. We do know it's safe and effective though, and that the side effects are minimal and temporary.

The side effects are exactly what you might expect if someone poked you in the knee with a needle. It could be red, swollen, or itchy for a day or two, and then it usually returns to normal, minus the pain and stiffness.

I'm not a doctor though - so here's what I suggest: If you think Arthrosamid is right for you, talk to a specialist. It's easy.

Prof. Paul Lee, the founder of MSK Doctors and their Arthrosamid specialist, was one of the first physicians in the UK approved to provide this treatment and has extensive experience using it to treat patients, other physicians, and an Olympic athlete. Here's a brief excerpt from a report on that, “The treatment not only alleviated the athlete’s pain but also improved their performance, allowing them to continue competing at the highest level. The athlete reported significant improvements in mobility and a reduction in discomfort during rigorous training sessions and competitions.”

Here's the best part - not only is Prof. Lee experienced with Arthrosamid, but he offers the treatment with no referral from your GP, and no waiting list. That's not unusual for MSK Doctors, of course, that's their standard policy. You can schedule yourself for any diagnosis, consultation, or treatment, online or over the phone.

The best way to find out if Arthrosamid is right for you is just to ask an expert.

You can learn more about Arthrosamid, how MSK Doctors can help with osteoarthritis, or book an appointment to see a specialist, at

MSK Doctors City: Sleaford Address: MSK House London Road Website Phone +44-330-001-0048

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