Logical Data Recovery Hard Drive Failures

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Logical Data Recovery Hard Drive Failures

When you face logical hard drive damage, it’s most likely going to render your data inaccessible. Estimation states that 65% of hard disk cases are of logical damage have a higher expectancy of data recovery than physical damage cases.

The logical failure of hard disks is a result of file system corruption. Some of the common logical damage causes are as follows:

  1. Virus attack
  2. Accidental deletion of data
  3. File corruption
  4. Operating System crash
  5. Electro-static charge
  6. Overwritten data

Logical failure of your hard drive may show you no files but the files don’t vanish permanently instead kept intact by the operating system that needs a specialized approach to recover the data files.

Two main errors occur in logical hard drive failure

1 . Human error: No human is perfect and could make mistakes like data format, deleting data of partition, or overwriting files by using data recovery software that risks permanent data loss.

2. Software error: Sometimes recovery software overwrites data on the wrong part of the disk leading to logical failure, only an expert can resolve this tangled situation.

Logical vs. physical damage

Failures: A logical damage case of your failed hard drive is less severe than a physical failure. Logical cases account for operating system failure, data format, deletion of partition, and overwritten data, etc.

In case of physical damage a hard disk that results due to physical shocks, electrical shocks, clicking-grinding noises, bad head or bad sectors formation on disks, improper installation, heat damage, etc.

Recovery process

When mechanical failure happens to a hard disk, a professional hard drive recovery service can rescue the problem expertly. Physical damage is approached with specific techniques and equipment that is utilized by a professional that holds years of experience. Professional recovery companies have cleanroom labs inside to provide a safer and cleaner environment to hard drive during the recovery process under anti-dust and anti-smoke conditions.
To fix a logical failure of a system’s drive specialized tools and software are used by a recovery professional. Though you can recover your failed hard disk on your own by running data recovery software tools that are available for free/cheap prices online. It’s best recommended to consult a professional as these recovery tools are not reliable every time and may risk your precious data to permanent loss. Moreover, overwriting errors and security issues could be found with cheap recovery utilities that are open-source software.


Of course, you can retrieve your lost data on your own but doesn’t matter how often you’re experienced with it, the security of your data will be at stake. Because recovery software is open-source, you are going to face security threats somehow that you won’t be able to pay off later. The best decision is to opt for professional data recovery services that employ immensely trained technicians with years of experience.

Whether the logical or physical failure of your hard drive, if professionals trigger the problem then no better aid can be provided to your damaged device. Professional services work under safe cleanroom labs with expert equipment to deal with any disk failures and problems. Specific software is made for logical failures to encounter the problems and troubleshoot with the right approach.

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