Lifelong Hair Restoration surgery: Information & Overview

by Ankur S. Technical Writer

It is now possible to receive the complete natural hair transplant results with an aesthetic hairline design. The days have gone when pluggy graft placement had a serious concern after receiving the procedure with the FUE technique. The failure of the hair transplant procedure due to wrong placement or the wrong method selection has been consigned to the history books and you won’t even notice your micro-graft hair transplant.

The hair transplant in New Zealand offers many choices with one selection meant by choosing a particular hair transplant clinic you will be able to get the primary consultation, prior procedure check-ups and also the post-procedure follow-ups. As far as the cost of the procedure is concerned, the hair transplant cost in New Zealand generally comes between $2000- $9000. It seems to be a costlier option and thus people of New Zealand also take interest to join the medical tourism in India.

An Overview of the Hair Restoration Surgery:

The hair restoration surgery is now possible with the completely natural look and lifelong effect with the development of the 4th generation advanced FUT hair transplant as well as the FUT+FUE hair transplant. How comes a procedure under the 4th generation and the answer will reveal many aspects associated with the hair transplant surgery. A procedure reveals many things when it comes with the 4th generation or gold standard technique of the procedure as it explains the significance of many factors that can improve the outcomes of the procedure. In India, one can receive the most advanced method of the hair transplant procedure, i.e., 4th generation hair transplant surgery by which one can get the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure. The restoration surgery performed by the addition of the PRP technique or the platelet-rich plasma helps in accelerating the outcomes by encouraging the growth process and also supports in expedite the healing process. The hair transplant surgery allowed a patient to get back the natural hair with fuller aesthetic outcomes, which needs bio-stimulated addition to progress the growth process. However, it is a wise decision to choose the surgery with multiple benefit option; hence India weighs a top place in providing the hair transplant surgery.

The Benefits of the 4th generation Advanced FUT Method:

1.      It Minimizes the Transection rate: First and foremost important benefits of the advanced FUT method are their lesser or null transection rate of the grafts while extraction and dissection in order to fulfil the need for the hair transplant surgery. The strip method or the FUT technique involves the microscopic dissection in which strip of the skin is sent to the dissection process via the higher magnification of microscopes, i.e., 20x & 40x. Therefore, it becomes easier to see every graft with extreme precision and minutely dissected by the technicians in order to obtain every single graft free from the supportive or connective tissues in the view of successful implantation. Thus, the advanced strip method significantly reduces the transection rate of the grafts.

2.      It Encourages the Growth Process: The advanced method of the FUT or the FUT+FUE hair transplant surgery with the addition of the PRP injection, which is patient’s own blood plasma protein (Platelets) accelerates the growth process after the hair transplant surgery and also helps in receiving the expedite healing process. However, the PRP injection has a significant role in promoting the growth process after the hair transplant procedure and also simply adds the benefits if it is given to the patients for controlling further hair loss. The PRP injection is prepared by following the high concentration level that is made at a certain higher temperature, pressure and speed, and by checking the measurable of the platelet count; it is injected into the areas where hair growth is much required.

 Cost information on the Hair Transplant Procedure: 

The cost of hair transplant procedure in India generally comes between 1-3 lakhs that is considered as one of the best budget-cost options and just around one-fourth of the cost applicable in the USA, UK or UAE. On the other hand, the cost applicable in New Zealand is basically ranges from $2000- $9000. It is a higher cost option and only caters the creamy layered patients. However, the cost factor plays a pivotal role in changing the mind-sets of the patients to choose the hair transplant surgery destination.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant in India is a worthy decision that helps the patients to get the best aesthetic effect of the surgery at an affordable cost of the procedure. Thus, the people from around the world used to visit India to get the procedure done with the dual benefits of quality and cost. 

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