Letting Virtual Assistants Take Care of your Content

by Jeremy Banks Evolutesix
As a business owner, your days are filled with endless tasks. When it comes to your business’s online marketing efforts, coming up with new content weekly may not be the first thing on your mind. This is where outsourcing a personal virtual assistant comes in handy.

Think about this: while you’re thinking about other important matters, your brand’s image online dries up without updates. Remember that your business relies on content creation to sustain your online presence, and because planning content is just as difficult as creating it, digital marketing efforts eat up a chunk of your time. 

Many entrepreneurs fall into this pattern. They create a business profile online, try it out once, and forget about it when it becomes too cumbersome. When you hire a virtual assistant, these tasks won’t go untouched. And because we know outsourcing costs less than hiring a full-time employee, outsourcing virtual assistants to write and create content for your brand sounds like the ideal way to go.

Here are some things you can let a virtual assistant do for your content marketing.

Virtual Assistant

Creating Content

Creating content is the heart of content marketing. Without content, nothing can keep your brand’s online presence alive. This includes editing videos, photos, and writing articles and blog posts. Content is bred out of ideas and vision, so when you delegate this task to a virtual assistant, make sure you establish your brand identity and goals so the content stays in line with your own business goals.

Planning and Scheduling Your Content

Just as creating content is arduous work, posting them manually can be torture. Luckily, there are many publishing tools to help post your content in one go. But that ultimately calls for a content plan, which means creating various types of content from images, videos, and text posts, and setting a time and date as to when and on which platforms you choose to publish them.

This can take a lot of time, along with actually creating content, so this is a task you can let a virtual assistant take care of. Just make sure to communicate regularly with your personal virtual assistant so you’re on the same page and to ensure that branding guidelines are maintained.

Promoting Your Content

Sure, your brand is constantly publishing content, but does that mean it’s getting the attention it needs? Knowing when and where to post is a task you can delegate to your personal virtual assistant. This includes deciding which platform each piece of content goes on and watching your content’s performance.

Sometimes it isn’t very obvious where to publish your content. You could be tempted to post a 7-minute video on Facebook because a majority of your audience is there. Hiring a virtual assistant who knows the ropes and best practices can help your brand stay on track.

Managing Your Social Media

There’s no better way to maintain your brand’s online presence than by being present on social media. Whether it’s replying to customers’ messages or watching each post’s performance, hiring a virtual assistant to do these tasks for you can save a lot of time.


Of course, there are more tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant. With regard to content marketing, these are just some examples of tasks you can let them handle. The most important thing to remember is to clearly communicate your business goals so your content becomes aligned and consistent.  It’s also paramount that you choose the right assistant to work with and invest in them  - you’d be surprised at how much of a difference it can make. 

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