Learning Hadoop with Python Can Bag You a Desired Job with Reputed Enterprises!

by Amit Kataria Data Science and Business Analytics

There is no doubt accepting that Hadoop is mostly written in Java language but this doesn't mean anyway excluding the use of other programming languages. Hadoop acts like a distributed storage and processing framework and especially Python is highly recommended to use with it.

Difference between Hadoop and Python

Like it is said earlier Hadoop is basically a database framework that enables users to save and process Big Data by way of programming models. It has developed into an ecosystem of tools and technologies to support Big Data processing.

While Python is a programming language which is nowhere connected to the Hadoop ecosystem. This object oriented language is same as Java or C++. Being flexible and coupled with plenty of resources and libraries, it is suitable for various applications like artificial intelligence, web development or advanced analytics. Madrid Software Trainings in association with industry experts provides complete practical Hadoop training in Delhi.

Significance of Learning Python!

Python is the best recommendation of a programming language which is a must for people who wish to step in the field of Big Data. This high-level programming language is easy to learn which has made it a preferred choice for game developers as well as web developers.

  • Unlike Java, C and Perl, Python has easy to grab basics for newbies.
  • A programmer coding writes less code in this because it boasts of user-friendly features. This includes simple syntax, code readability and easy implementation.
  • Unlike other languages, Python is far easy to debug. Bugs are a threat for every programmer. The unique design of Python lends itself well to programmers that enter in data science. Writing less code denotes to easier debugging. The various programs complied in Python are less likely to issue instead of other languages.
  • Python is extensively used in various software packages and industries. Python empowers Google’s search engine, DropBox, YouTube, Quora, FriendFeed, Reddit and Disqus. IBM, NASA and Mozilla rely on Python. If you have got Python skills, you may get a job in reputed companies.
  • Python acts as an object-oriented language. A strong understanding of the fundamentals enables you to shift to any other similar language as you will need to learn the syntax of it.
  • Python is an open source which appeals startups and small companies. Due to its simplicity, it is highly preferred by small teams. It is a high-performance language which makes it a preferred choice to build business critical applications.
  • No matter whether you are an amateur or an expert programmer, you can build a real-world application by using Python.

Reasons Why Companies Prefer Python with Hadoop!

Nowadays, most of companies are seeking out employees with proficiency in Python. Reason being is that Python boasts of versatility of the language’s application. They prefer Hadoop Streaming API coupled with other frameworks to handle Big Data issues using Python language. This utility acts along with Hadoop Distribution. Hadoop streaming enables user to create as well as execute MapReduce jobs along with any script or make it executable according to the mapper or the reducer. Madrid Software trainings is rated as the best Hadoop institute in Delhi.

Let’s understand through few examples of how companies are making the most of Hadoop with Python.

Social Media for Face Finding Application

Who has not heard of Facebook, the leading social media platform? It is the foremost research and development with regards to image processing. It has to process enormous unstructured data that is based on image. Facebook eases off HDFS with storing as well as extracting the huge data. It also uses Python for most of image related applications. These include resizing image or extracting facial image. It makes use of Hadoop Streaming API for accessing and editing the data.

Community User Site for Search Algorithm

The popular question and answer site Quora has to manage enormous amount of textual data using Hadoop or Apache Spark and various other data-warehousing technologies. The back end of Quora is developed on Python and that is why it is used for interacting with the HDFS. Quora makes use of Hadoop with Python for extracting question on search or even for suggestion.

Shopping Platform for Recommending Products

Most of us are aware of Amazon which has a great platform for suggesting suitable products to existing users. It studies their search and buying pattern and then produces results. The machine learning engine is built on using Python which interacts with the database system like Hadoop Ecosystem. The two technologies work together to suggest the best products and equally work on fault tolerant database interactions.

Thus, it is evident that if a language is so likable among coders, the employers will surely feel confident about its usage. Disney, the leading Animation enterprise also uses Python and Hadoop to manage clusters for the tasks of image processing as well as CGI rendering. The increasing numbers of popular web sites that are made off using Python will definitely surprising. YouTube, Spotify, Instagram run on Python. The demand is increasing for Python developers around the world. Both big companies and startups express their interest in hiring Hadoop professionals with Python skills. 

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