Learning Assessment of Online Proctored Exams

by Clayton Clive Blogger

Several studies have pointed out to the benefits that proctored exams offer. Lockdown browsers come with test proctoring which locks the internet browsing option. A user can’t access the internet or, for that matter, other programs while giving the examination on a computer system. This prevents cheating. The questions can’t be copied on a different sheet of paper as the webcam and the proctor is watching the movements of your eyes away from the system.

With online tests without proctors, there is also a chance to open other browsers, check the internet, or use cell phones to check for answers from the internet or by calling someone. Though the time to complete the examination is minimal and cheating takes its own time but still, there’s a chance to cheat. But all of these symptoms are alleviated with online proctored exams.

There are a different kind of approaches used in online test proctoring. Some certifying agencies use blended or hybrid approaches which ensure students attend one face-to-face class. Still, others require students to find any test proctoring services for themselves, possibly, a commercial certification location or a university testing center. Moreover, such online test proctoring software services are available these days which measure keystroke analytics for measurement of the respondent’s typing pattern.

As stated earlier, the webcam is efficient enough to capture 360-degree of video for a complete monitoring solution. The video is later watched by the proctor with the availability of sounds. Another surprising element if an algorithm called ‘suspicious events’. There have been various instances of students conducted over students’ behavior during online proctored exams. Some are initially uncomfortable and it takes them some time to get accustomed to the practice of being constantly under watch and proctor’s supervision.

There are some limitations to the online proctored exams. One is the institutional barrier of implementing the technology. These software charge some amount for institutional subscription as well as per-exam fees that go into recording the video for examinations and also tag suspicious activities. Costs of setting up instruments is also a challenge. Often students who resort to such proctored exams are free to use the cameras as well as the software free of charge. But when it comes to the costs associated with setting up the systems on their home screens and getting them removed and return them back safely through courier- all have to be borne by the students.

That can be a huge hurdle in the success of online test proctoring. But with a lot of services lending or leasing camera and webcams at reduced prices, there’s a relief for both the students and proctoring agencies. An imperative detail to research about is impairment of students’ capability giving examinations under a constant watch. The average grades for students under a proctor’s supervision have been shown to be less than the students who are giving exams without under a proctor’s supervision. Is it due to less cheating or psychological discomfort is not clear and requires further studies.                             

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