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by Anamika Sharma Dermatologist and Skin Specialist

Skin is the most sensitive part of our body. Skin care is something that needs our utmost attention. Staying in Delhi with a polluted environment, dust makes our skin more prone to skin problems. As the skin problems are increasing tremendously it is highly recommended to consult the best dermatologist in Delhi. Dr. Rajat Kandhari is a well-known dermatologist who provides various treatments by which skin and hair problems are resolved.

The treatments offered includes:

Acne: This is the most common skin problem. Acne is an inflammatory skin condition which causes spots and pimples. In order to get free of acne skin, many people apply many home remedies which in turn becomes the main reason for their damaged skin. It is very necessary to seek the help of dermatologist whether the acne is severe or mild.

Vitiligo: This is a skin condition which causes white patches on the skin. The loss of melanocytes which are responsible for melanin pigment causes vitiligo. There are various treatments like Excimer laser, PUVA light therapy and many more.

Eczema: Eczema is also known as glorified dry skin. There are various kinds of eczema which are classified as endogenous or exogenous. It is very essential to find the cause of this skin disease to get the relevant treatment.

Psoriasis: This is a skin condition which causes reddish, scaly lesions on the body particularly on the knees, elbows, shins, and back. The treatments by which this skin condition can be cured include phototherapy, oral medicines. It is essential to know about the skin disease.

Fungal infection: These are the most common skin problems which are encountered by many people. Most infections are mild and are easily treated.

Pigmentation: In this skin problem, the skin becomes uneven toned. Effective treatments include chemical peel, laser toning, and mesotherapy.

Urticaria: Urticaria is a frustrating condition which causes itching and redness in an episodic pattern, disturbing the quality of life of an individual.

Not only skin problems, but Dr. Rajat Kandhari also deals in scalp problems too. He provides an accurate treatment which not only helps one in getting free of skin problems and scalp problems. Hair fall is a very common problem and various remedies help one in getting free from hair loss or hair fall. Generally, it is observed that people start losing their self-confidence due to this. Hair loss is one such condition in which the hairs are lost in patches.

Dr. Rajat Kandhari is included in the list of top dermatologists in Delhi as the treatments offered by him are very effective and has served as a helping hand to the patients. Skin problems must not be neglected and one must follow the basic skin care tips by which one can maintain healthy skin. It is very essential to take the right consultation for dealing with skin and scalp problems.

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