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by Larry Taggart Article writer
Any Six Sigma project, whether simple or complex, starts with the understanding of a problem. A Six Sigma professional is expected to delve deep into the issues that are plaguing one or more business processes and find out the solutions to the issues. This is what root cause analysis (RCA) is all about. A Six Sigma master black belt is someone who drives all the process improvement and change management of an organization and they are the ones who guide others to find out problems and resolve them.

No Six Sigma project can be successful if the core issue of a problem cannot be identified. Six Sigma projects are not run for fun; they are rather run because the organization has a problem and that needs to be resolved. A successful project is able to eliminate errors in business processes and generate more revenue for the organization. The business processes may be simple or complex, and depending on how difficult the problem is, more experienced professionals are brought in.

Any Six Sigma professional will tell you that a project is only as successful as the identification of the root causes of failure. The project team needs to go as deep as possible until they cannot find much deeper issues to a business problem (which are often recurring in nature). Once the core issues are identified, the project team works to eliminate the issues until the problem itself is completely eliminated. For proper RCA, a more experienced professional is required. A master black belt may want to come into the picture here. A relatively inexperienced team may feel that they have reached deepest recesses of an issue but a master black belt may goad them to find out more. It is the job of the master black belt to guide the team on root cause analysis so that the outcome is as desired.

So now you know how important a Six Sigma master black belt holder is. Usually, master black belts are among the senior most employees of an organization because they drive strategic-level projects. They are considered to be the change agents for an organization and it is under their tutelage that the project teams work on implementing the Six Sigma methodology. The master black belt also trains, certifies and mentors black and green belt holders. If an organization is serious about implementing Six Sigma, a master black belt has to be on its rolls.

Considering the seniority of a master black belt, it is obvious that an individual cannot become a black belt just because they have spent years in an organization. These individuals need to go through proper training and certification from a professional training institution to become a master black belt. It is a black belt holder who gets coached by a master black belt until they are deemed fit to become the master.

Looking to become a master black belt? It’s a great idea from your professional career point of view. Get enrolled with a professional training institution to get trained and earn your belt.

For root cause analysis of strategic Six Sigma projects, an organization needs a Six Sigma master black belt.

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