Laurie Bowler Releases The Battle for Evov The Dark Fantasy Horror in Kindle Edition.

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Laurie Bowler is an award-winning author from Hampshire, UK. "The Battle for Evov", a massive novel by Laurie Bowler, is an epic dark fantasy/horror story with a detailed world, complex plot, and memorable characters.

Laurie Bowler, an award-winning author from Hampshire, UK, recently released "The Battle for Evov" in Kindle Edition. Although she has been writing for quite some time, this is one of her masterpiece novels so far. According to Bowler, the book is a mixture of genres that have all been combined to form a single story. "It's a good read," said Bowler in an interview. "It's got plenty of action and it's unique in that it combines elements of horror and dark fantasy."

"The Battle for Evov" follows the tale of the second-born daughter of a now dead monarch and her lover and partner, a human, who are the protagonists of this fantasy novel. The story begins when Farah, the daughter of the queen of Evov assumes control over the land after killing their mother. All know her as being an evil tyrant to all those who cross her path. "The Battle for Evov" is a tale of how two lovers Jenilia and Ezekiel must work together to defeat the villainous queen in order to prevent her from killing everyone who opposes her reign. Jenilia and Ezekiel are leading an uprising against Farah's rule. "The Battle for Evov" is written in first person narrative style and told from multiple viewpoints.

However, it is mainly told from the point of view of Jenilia and Ezekiel. The author describes Evov as a land filled with magic where mythical beings live happily. This book starts with a chapter on its history before shifting gears to Jenilia becoming queen. As it turns out, the war is not over. The Dark Army has been revived, and Queen Farah is more powerful than ever. She decides to wage war on her people, and the uprising leaders are in danger of being executed by Queen Farah's army.

Jenilia and Ezekiel continue to fight against Queen Farah and her army, but they cannot defeat her alone because she has grown stronger over time. They have to find a way to win the battle to finally bring peace to Evov. As a last resort, Jenilia and Ezekiel seek help from an unlikely ally who helps them in their fight against Queen Farah. With the help of the new ally, Jenilia and Ezekiel are able to defeat Queen Farah, bringing peace back to Evov. However, there is still unrest among some of the people of Evov because they do not want humans and mythical beings to live together peacefully. What's the next story of Jenilia and Ezekiel? Get the ebook "The Battle for Evov" now at

About The Author

Laurie Bowler is an author from Hampshire, UK. Laurie started writing fantasy fiction in late November 2009. "The Battle for Evov" is one of her dark fantasy books published on Amazon. It has a total of ‎ 347 pages, and it is available only in Kindle ebook format. For more information, please visit her Amazon profile page or

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