Knowing The Ideal Time To Opt For A Macbook Battery Replacement

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Every electronic portable device in this world uses a battery – be it your iPhone, iPad or Macbook. Nowadays, most batteries are made from Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer and it should be known that batteries tend to have a specific lifespan. The lifespan can be one year, two years or even four years – depending upon how you care for your battery and how much you charge your battery. This is because Lithium-Ion or Lithium-Polymer batteries are affected by two of the most essential factors:

  • Charging cycles

  • Heat or physical damage

Charging cycles are denoted by the number of times you fully charge your battery from zero percent. For instance, if you charge your battery from 50 percent to 100 percent, it completes half a cycle. Alternatively, if you charge the battery from 25 percent to 100 percent, then it completes ¾th of the full cycle. Each battery has a limited number of charging cycles after which it needs to be changed. 

Batteries are also affected by factors such as heat production, especially during charging or overheating during usage, along with any external physical damage such as entry of water, drops, and so on. 

The Ideal Moments To Change Your Macbook Battery

1. When You Get The Battery Replacement Warning

One of the ideal ways through which you can easily spot that your Macbook's battery is faulty is by seeing the battery error message pop up on your screen. In case you're receiving error messages such as:

  • Condition: Replace Now

  • Condition: Replace Soon

  • Condition: Service Battery, or any other battery-related errors, then you know that it's time to change the batteries. 

According to a professional service provider offering Macbook logic board repairs, if you continue using your faulty Macbook battery, then your Macbook will start overheating, operate sluggishly and lead to other performance issues. Therefore, it would be prudent to change the battery as soon as you obtain the error. 

2. When You’re Always Running Low On Battery Power

This is another common problem that Macbook users tend to face when they experience faulty batteries. You’ll end up spending hours and hours charging your Macbook battery and the battery will still last you only two to three hours of usage. 

Generally, Macbooks tend to be very power-efficient, which means that you can squeeze at least ten to eleven hours of battery life on a single charge with normal usage. But, when you find that your Macbook battery is not holding its charge for a longer time, you should replace it without any delay. 

Low battery life will not only affect your daily workflow because you have to charge your Macbook often but also reduce the longevity of your Macbook's USB-C charging port because of excessive usage. 

3. When You’re Facing Unexpected Shutdowns

It’s not at all uncommon to find Macbooks with faulty batteries face unexpected shutdowns. Unexpected shutdowns can happen at any time and you may end up losing all the data that you are working on. If you notice shutdowns happening frequently, even when the battery has forty or fifty percent charge, then you’ll know that the battery health has gone down drastically for it to be replaced. 

In case you’re looking to replace your faulty Macbook battery, don’t hesitate to call our professionals right away. 

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