Know the source of phenomenal energies of the nature

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“Vastu Shastra is completely based

on the five elements of the Nature.”

The concept of ancient Indian architect “Vastu Shastra” is wholly based on the directions & the sub-directions of the Earth. According to the Vastu Consultants in Gurgaon, the Earth’s directions is the medium of delivering the various phenomenal energies. But, have you ever think about the source of auspicious waves that surround human living.


Well, the five elements of Nature is the source of various intense energies. So balancing these is necessary for the enhancement of living with positivity.


Vastu is the science to provide the ecstasy of harmonious living. Whenever these five elements are adequately balanced, then they support the positivity to achieve the most exceptional harmony within your living area.


The five elements are:-


-         Fire

-         Earth

-         Water

-         Air

-         Space


Well, Vastu Shastra stands in the Earth & Earth depends on the flow of the water. Then the nature of water is completely balanced by fire & the fire is completely in control with Air. The movement of air is controlled by the Sky. Similarly, our human body is also the blend of these five elements that are the reason why is we are surrounded by various auspicious waves.


Let’s start the description of these five elements-

Fire: The element of fire symbolizes for courage, compassion & devotion. The bestowed in the direction of south-East. It is suggested for prosperity & power. So, the kitchen & other electrical could be placed in the direction of the south-east.


Earth: Earth which is full of various maximum energies than any other elements. It is the most important elements that influence the human living. While purchasing any land consult to the Vastu expert in Gurgaon for the attraction of prosperity & harmonious living.


Water: The element of water owns the direction of north-east. So, you place any water-related sculpture-like aquarium, fountain or more than this direction is best for calmness & peace.


Air: As we know that Air is necessary for each & every living being on earth. All the various energies flow with the help of air. So, the north-east direction is the considerable direction according to the ancient Indian architecture. In that way, the construction of windows & doors is beneficial to overcome the best flow of positivity at your living place.


Space: The sky full of constellations & stars is meant to be the place of gods. So, the center of the house should be clean & clutter-free. It enhances prosperity & peace.


Whenever you search for Vastu Consultant near meDr. Anand Bhardwaj is the deep-rooted Vastu expert amongst the world. He recommends the pros & cons of Vastu Shastra, which is entirely based on ancient sciences.

Spending all the lives with positivity is better than anything. So consult now for Vastu expert near me for prosperity& the most exceptional harmony in life. So, you can feel the joy in your life.

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