Know the Reasons to Utilize SMS as an Business Service Channel

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SMS ...or text messages have been in use since 1992 which was the time the initial text message was sent.

 Technology hasn't changed much since then in the way we use it, but the basics remain the same. It's also more well-known than ever before and especially in the business world!

In this article, we'll discuss the many ways to use SMS as a potent tool for your company, along with the many benefits that it provides.

Here's a brief review of the top reasons to utilize text messaging for your company, and then we'll dive into the details and the list of benefits!

Why you should consider using SMS as a channel for service? In addition to the trustworthiness of SMS messages, they are cost-effective and quick and the results can quickly be evaluated. It's simple and efficient to configure and use, and can have a fast impact on sales opportunities. SMS is superior to emails and other marketing strategies.If you're trying to integrate all of your communications into one location and manage all of your communications, then bhavitra, an affordable web development company in India is the best way to go about it.

Text messaging has surpassed direct calls in popularity however, it still offers an opportunity for a personal two-way chat. As per mobile squared 90% of texts get read within three minutes. The attention paid to marketing materials is gold for businesses.

For marketing, It has increased in popularity. In recent times, companies have found an opportunity to improve and make it more efficient as a tool for service. Most importantly, due to its numerous advantages!

Utilizing SMS text messaging to promote your company can be beneficial to:

  • Retention of customers is improved
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Make sure you have immediate access to information
  • Attract new customers
  • The overall sales will increase
  • Offer a profit-making Return on Investment

What is the process behind SMS text messaging function as a service?

For customers who sign-up for your services and give you an email address that you have, you are able to make use of that information (with the permission of the customer) to communicate with them and as a marketing tool.

For many of the programs that are run by service providers, you are able to assign keywords along with some keywords to each client in your database. It is also possible to segment customers into groups, based on the product or their interest or interest. Contacts can also sign up to receive certain communications from your business.

Incorporating SMS as an SMS function to using the bhavitra platform is simple, and it then allows you to incorporate the SMS module into an existing account, allowing you to interact with your customer's team members using a bhavitra intelligent inbox. For example, if a customer sends an SMS to your business phone number, you can get it and then reply to it by using the bhavitra Smart Inbox. Further information on setting up the SMS system and explain how it operates in the near future.

Marketing through text messages can cut the cost of marketing

Since SMS is digital data and therefore, it is able to be examined in great depth. When you've separated your messages efficiently by type, such as promotional texts, service texts, news-related texts and so on. Then, all SMS messages that you send to your customers can be:

  • Stored
  • Tracked
  • Analyzed
  • Measured

This type of analysis is immediate! It allows your marketing department to know what's working, and make the most of successes faster by refining the message until it is optimized to get the greatest possibilities for sales and increase ROI.

This easy-to-manage medium will save you precious time and provides a more clear assessment of the results/ROI when it is compared to other marketing strategies like billboards, TV advertisements or leaflet drops.

12 advantages of the use of SMS for business

Let's look at the 12 reasons why you should begin using SMS text messaging to communicate with your business. We'll continue to explain how you can incorporate this platform with your other communication platforms to provide an omnichannel solution to service your clients.

1. Immediate delivery

When it comes to delivery the speed of delivery is quite fast, and also efficient, taking only a couple of seconds to reach a large audience. It's not often you get an instant and quick personalized message to a target audience at such speed.

2. Instant results

You'll be able to track the people who received the email, as well as other data from the analysis, such as the people who have opened the file, read it and obviously, the most important one, that is, those who have replied.

3. Personal

Since it's sent directly to each client individually because it's sent directly to each individual client, SMS is a personal message. Mobile phones are extremely personal devices. Therefore, users will typically respond in a more personal manner. This can be improved further by sending an individual message to every individual. It will surely catch their interest.

Potential customers are much more likely to provide you with email addresses than are their mobile phone numbers So, yes, you have to have an email address also. This shows how personal the majority of people consider their phone number as. When you've got a telephone number, you're likely to find that your customers will respond more quickly to your message because they've invited you in.

4. Cost-effective

Text messages are inexpensive, especially when you purchase them in the bulk. The only other marketing strategy that gives the same results at a lower cost, especially when compared to traditional advertising methods like radio, television or printed media.

5. Simple and simple

Because of its ease of use and accessibility, SMS has become a worldwide embraced communication channel. Everybody knows how to open, read, and text an SMS. Furthermore, due to the limitations on the length (160 characters) messages are short clear, simple and concise. They direct to the main point. And who doesn't enjoy it simple and sweet?

6. Global marketing

Text messages are made to be sent to anyone with an acceptable-to-modern mobile device and cellphone signal. This means you can reach millions of people with a single click and at any time, wherever.

It's estimated that there are around 7 billion mobile phones that are in use today. SMS is among the few technologies that can be completely synced with all the major mobile phone providers. It's possible to reach anyone in the world via text messages.

7. Direct delivery

SMS is one of the most simple methods of interacting with clients apart from face-to-face meetings and straight phone conversations. Because the other two options can be time-consuming, complex and costly, it's obvious who's in the lead!

8. Specific

When you have your target audience separated, you can effectively target specific groups of customers by using a variety of marketing campaigns. Knowing the best practices and what doesn't can improve your strategy to maximize your sales potential.

9. Efficient

The capability to schedule texts means you'll save time making your campaign plan, you don't have to compose each message separately, and groups of people can be targeted via text messages that are scheduled to be sent out.

This gives you the time to focus on other areas of your company, or even control the bulk of sales prospects that follow the SMS you sent out shortly after the delivery.

10. Analytics and trackable

SMS is easily trackable and many providers provide delivery reports that can be useful for analyzing your experiences in your delivery of SMS and allowing you to accurately and accurately assess the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. It is then possible to incorporate lessons learned from the previous campaign.

11. Reliable

Mobile phones do not come with a spam filter or even an actual spam box. They are mostly used for SMS messages because mobile phone messages are usually safer than email, which could deliver various malicious attachments. Additionally, delivery takes place within 48 hours in order to prevent phones from being turned off or not in reach of a signal.

In the main part, you are aware that sending messages via SMS is a secure method of inboxing your customers. At worst, you might get your phone number blocked. However, it could be dependent on your message and your target audience.

12. SMS vs email

SMS text messages have a much greater "open percentage" than emails. Additionally, when you use emails, you may send your email to customers who have previously assigned your email address to the junk folder. If your messages on text aren't being delivered, there's feedback about it through the medium.

Of course, emails do have their place and still prove extremely efficient in interacting with clients and in increasing sales opportunities like the old saying goes, "the money is on the list!". However, SMS is much more efficient and more secure overall.

How do connect to an SMS module?

You should consider using bhavitra to facilitate and manage SMS messages to your customers. Once CommBox is installed and operational, you will access a variety of modules that could be added to your platforms for customer-focused services.

Just visit the bhavitra Select and locate the SMS module from the numerous modules available. It is then simple to implement as it syncs with other delivery channels and is then available for utilisation. Each module in the bhavitra platform function in total harmony to offer the best omnichannel experience to your customers and business.

What is an SMS module function?

With SMS messages Our SMS module provides two-way communications with customers.

In reality, each channel you use to communicate is a phone number for your company. It's as simple as that. It's now time to directly communicate via SMS to your customers.

You can follow the steps we have mentioned below to maximize the possibilities you can achieve by using this platform to offer excellent client service for your clients. Your customers will be able to respond to text messages and your employees or employees will be able to carry on the conversation using your bhavitra Smart Inbox.

This bhavitra SMS is an asynchronous one Which means that it could greatly enhance both the user experience for customers as well as the effectiveness of your employees in responding to customers.

The SMS module is compatible with existing interactive voice responses (IVR) technologies. This allows you to reduce the burden on your contact centre by simply redirecting customers, who are waiting in line - to SMS service.

You can also customize and personalize the SMS text messages to send them to customers that have dropped the phone while waiting for a call back in the event of abandonment. This feature can be used as a catchall to those responses that are not available right away.

Reply management is a characteristic that is part of the SMS module. It allows bulk SMS marketing, which means that your clients can directly reply to SMS messages they receive. The SMS module can also support MMS images and messages too which means that the need to utilize fax machines is outdated technology.

In addition, our SMS feature allows customers to easily transfer to and between other channels of communication within your company - inside its CommBox itself. Like forums, colleagues or chatrooms, for example.


We hope that this article will provide an extensive guideline on how to use SMS messages for your business. The interest in SMS messaging is increasing and it's crucial not to be left out of the possibility of a highly profitable method of communicating with your customers.

Furthermore, it does not need to be another platform for you to manage. With bhavitra, you can seamlessly integrate it into existing software. It's almost too simple!

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