Know How To Emerge As A Winner In Office Politics

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Every organisation is a soft target to some or other kind of office politics. Different people have different definitions of office politics. Office politics are a consequence of differences amongst people. There can be either differences in opinions or difference in interests. It adversely affects the productivity and work environment of the overall organization. 

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If you’ve recently become a part of a corporate set-up, office politics can be really hard for you to deal with. But, worry not! We’re here to help you out! Know about the habits that you can make you win in office politics. 

Well, here’re a few of them. 

1. Know that you’ve a choice:

One of the common reasons behind office politics is that people react even before realizing. To stand victorious in office politics, you need to have something more than instinctive reactions. Spontaneous fight reactions don’t help you much except being a roadblock along the path of your goals. On the other hand immediate flight reactions make you lose your importance at your workplace. From the point of career growth, both reactions are not good, enough!

Winning over office politics is more about choosing not to react in most situations. When you don’t react, people don’t act! No chaos and no fight! How worst the situations take turn out, learn to react selectively. Because you’ve a choice!

2. What you’re attempting to accomplish?

What are the immediate consequences of a conflict? People shift their attention on differences amongst people. But doing so, you’ll not benefit anyone. Instead, do you know what’s better? Lay emphasis on the organizational objectives and goals. Everyone works to achieve the collective goals of the business. If it is not moving forward, then how would you? Strike up a conversation about what will work for the business, hear suggestions and queries about each alternative. That’s how we grow as a business! This way you’ll also form a positive impression in the minds of your bosses. Your office colleagues will identify you as someone who knows pretty well how to get things done. You never know, a promotion may be along your way!

3. Pay heed on your influencers:

There are many things that take place in our corporate setting that one does not exercise much control over. Major reactions to such uncontrollable situations include bitching and accusing. But tell me one thing, does complaining solve any real issues? I guess, no! Switch from reacting to acting. Learn to be an inspiration for others in your helplessness. Think about the ways in which you can leave a positive impact on your circle of influence. Of course, one cannot be ascertain about the end outcomes but you can hold pride in yourself knowing that you’ve brought the best in constraints.

4. Understand before being understood:

Everyone wants to be understood but how many of us really seek to understand? May be, none! Most of the office politics emerge out from misunderstandings and miscommunication amongst people. When you make an effort to understand another person, they in return offer to understand you. This lays down a platform for free flow of communication that is understood by both conversers. You cannot come to an ideal solution without getting to know each other better. Lend your ears to someone before someone does that for you.

Grow in adversity! And bring out a version of yours that you’ve been concealing to the world around. Office politics are inevitable part of an organization. Emerge out as a winner and rise and shine in your career path! Wish you all the luck!

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