Know how External Hard Drive Data Recovery is helpful to you

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Know how External Hard Drive Data Recovery is helpful to you 

IT industry has paced up the world with new technological revolutions that have brought more advanced alternatives for storing all kinds of data in media storage devices. One of the finest media storage devices for heavy data storage and convenient portability is the External hard drive. Just like an internal hard drive installed in laptops and computers, an external hard disk comes with the same mechanism as a safe outer casing. However, an external hard drive is susceptible to damages the same as an internal hard disk because of sensitive components intact inside the hard drives.

External hard disks are ideal for portable and convenient use in daily life for storing heavy files, photos, videos, audio files, and various data forms. With day to day usage of the device, the life span of disk components falls if handled carelessly. Your external device could be exposed to numerous damages that eventually cause data loss.

To maintain the health of the external disks and protect it from any catastrophes, consulting an external hard drive recovery service professional would be a wise choice to get rid of any data loss calamities and other damages.

External HD failures

External drives are exposed to numerous damages due to improper care. Following are the commonly known errors that account for disk failures and other damages:

Human error: No existing human on this planet is perfect, mistakes happen. It’s just that your negligent attitude towards your sensitive storage device can owe you a huge levy. Accidently formatting data, deletion of a partition of HDD, dropping external HD accidentally, etc. all reasons validate for damage to device and data loss.  

Virus and malware: There is various software that infects the external hard disk with virus and malware attacks, leading to deletion of data files. It is best to clean the system with antivirus at regular intervals and avoid connecting the hard drive with other devices randomly.

Environmental factors: It is possible that due to overheating and moisture, the disk drive gets crashed. Now that the working of disks stops there is no way that your data will be read/write by the head anymore. Reasons like insufficient ventilation and constantly keeping your external HD in a humid environment can cause intensive harm to the disk that malfunction in the internal mechanism.

External hard drive data could be recovered with available software but…

  • Recovery software does not scan formatted files properly
  • It’s not for the use of amateur people who don’t know how to recover data
  • It has many security threats that are dangerous for your sensitive data
  • Free software ask for subscriptions for full version editions
  • No guarantee of a 100% recovery of data
  • Not useful for physically crashed hard drive

How to take care of your sensitive external hard drive:

Download antivirus in systems: Antivirus protects the device from malware or virus attacks that keep your data safe and covers files from any corruption or failure.

Backup is a crucial step: Keep back up of your important feels to be on a safer side so that if any failure occurs in the device you can still rely on your backed-up data.

Keep your device in a clean and safe environment: Your hard drive may not have a mouth to tell you that it’s overheating or drenched with moisture but at least you can look after your device if it is under clean and ventilated conditions or not.

You have to look closer to your deleted files: Beware when you delete files in your system. You may sometimes select files to delete which are not meant to be and are crucial for your day to day life.


You must take care of external hard drives especially when they have USB or firmware cable connectors. According to the extent of damage, recovery charges may vary depending on the type of damage to the hard drive.   
Hard drive recovery is a tedious and time-consuming task that takes extensive and expertise work by the external hard drive professional service providers only. The professional data recovery service is worth the investment and secures data from further loss and safety threats.

Techchef is the #1 choice for external hard drive data recovery services

Techchef understands the importance of your precious data and that’s why we prioritize your data security at any cost. When your data becomes inaccessible due to your damaged external hard disk which is not detecting any file, rush to Techchef data recovery service providers that assure a 100% recovery success guaranteed.  We at Techchef take your damaged external hard drive through deep analysis and promise you to take out the best recovery solutions.
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