Know About Aluminium Wire Rod of EC Grade

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Aluminium wire rods are mostly used for electrical purposes or cables such as power transmission lines, etc. The rods are quite easily available and are also very cost-effective. They are also a great material for high voltage as they are conducive to electricity. Hence, there is a high demand for EC grade aluminium wire rod by manufacturers of cables.

Properties of Aluminium Wire Rods
The aluminium wire rods are of uniform quality and are easy to temper and smoothening. To manufacture a good quality cable, the wire used in it mustn\\\'t get damaged easily. The aluminium wire rods have great tensile strength due to which the strength of the cables remains strong. Even though it is easy to twist while manufacturing the cables, it does not break easily. Also, you may not get cracks in these rods during the manufacturing process.

Specifications of an Aluminium Wire Rod
The rod is available in various diameters such as 9.5mm, 12.5 mm, etc. The diameter of the rod varies on the purpose for which it is being used. Various sectors use aluminium wire rods of various diameters to strengthen the cables they are manufacturing and the level voltage that is going to pass through the cable.

Even though the rod is tensile and has high resistivity, you need to keep some things in mind while using it for manufacturing purposes. You have to ensure that the surface where it is being placed is clean, smooth, and is pipe-free. You should also ensure that the surface does not have too much oil on it. During the manufacturing of the cables with an aluminium wire rod, ensure that you check for cracks, seams, kinks, damaged ends, etc. so that your cable is of good quality.

How are the Aluminium Wire Rods Packed?
When these wire rods are manufactured, they are not packed with special wrappers around them. They are coiled and wound up tightly with no joints. The edges of the rods are let a little loose for the buyer to use it effectively. Also, it is easy to handle these rods when they are wound up properly.

It is also important that these rods are bound by many tight strips so that they are protected from any damage during the transition or shipping process. Bounding them tightly also ensures that they are protected from weather or dirt. However, it is also necessary that the aluminium wire rods are wrapped with a polyethene wrapper to avoid any damage.

Where to Buy the Aluminium Wire Rods?
If you are looking for an aluminium wire rod for your manufacturing or production unit, then you can find many manufacturers of these rods. These rods come in various dimensions and are corrosion-proof. They also come in silver and grey colours. The manufacturers of these rods ensure that the product quality is checked as per industrial standards. You can place your bulk order with one of the best manufacturers and exporters in the country to get a high-quality product. The EC Grade aluminium wire rod importer will ensure that your product is delivered to you at your doorstep.

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