Knights Templar rings – The oldest types of rings in the history of Freemasonry

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The inception of Freemasonry dates back to 18th century and till now has a long list of esteemed members that would make any organization proud. This fraternity is a perfect example of brotherly love, fellowship and mutual help. Every member in the organization is given a certain level of respect knowing the fact that high standards are followed in building their membership. This makes Masonic regalia, pieces of high significance as only a chosen few are seen fit to wear regalia.

In the history, Knights Templars were known as the poor fellow soldiers of Christ of the Temple of Solomon. The organization of Knights Templar was officially recognized by the Roman Catholic Church between the year 1125 and 1130.  They were the most famous Christian military in the western lands which had been in the existence for almost two centuries in the middle ages. They were the most skilled units which used to fight in battles in the crusades. These knights used to dress in white mantles which had a red cross on the front.

Knights Templar regalia

A member has to be a professed Christian before being eligible to wear the Knights Templar regalia. This is the reason which makes it a controversial organization as it is often criticized for being more of a Christian organization rather than a Masonic organization. The primary Knights Templar regalia include the classic Templar robes. Earlier, the robes were white or sand-colored and had a red cross on the left shoulder. But in this modern era, the regalia include robes in beige color and a red waistcoat as a reminder of the Red Cross used in medieval times. Knights Templar also used to wear rings. Nowadays, they are the oldest type of Masonic ring are the Knights Templar rings. Rings are elegant pieces of Masonic jewelry that are worn on daily as well as on special occasions. They are crafted with great detail and the most popular materials used for making them are stainless steel, titanium, silver and gold. Newly entered apprentices mostly wear rings with traditional designs. As they grow in the organization, they go for custom-made pieces. The price range varies and the person can choose according to their taste and preference.

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