Knee Pad for Toddler: Keep Your Crawling Baby Safe

by Laura Smith Professional Writer

Nothing can be more exciting and joyful than seeing your baby crawling for the first time, being parents. The moment is magical on its own, but remember, it can also be challenging as your once-stationary toddler is on the move now. Crawling kids can get into different kinds of problems, from knocking over lamps to climbing the stairs to swallowing hazardous items.

To ensure your baby stays safe and protected while exploring new things, you need to take several precautions when your kid starts to crawl. In this post, we have mentioned some tips to boost the safety of your child while crawling. So let’s take a closer look. 

1. Get Knee Pad for Toddler

Learning skills of crawling can be a real bruiser, and we all are aware of it. Getting bruises on the knees or the body is a part of the crawling process. Fortunately, you do not need to spend a bunch of dollars on replacing your floor now. There’s a perfect solution to protect those tiny, sensitive knees - use baby knee pads for crawling. Deciding what kind of knee pads to buy is critical. Do not waste your money on knee pads that will not serve their proper function. Also, make sure the material you’re buying is comfortable to put on and breathable.

Knee pads

2. Cover Sharp Edges with Guards

You can’t keep your newly crawling toddler protected from everything, but you can certainly reduce or even prevent more severe injuries. To ensure your kid does not bump his/her head on sharp edges, it is recommended to cover those sharp corners with guards and pads. Convert all dangerous corners into soft ones by applying pads or guards on them. 

3. Keep All Cords or Plugs Out of Reach 

If it’s electric, your toddler is definitely going to meddle with it. From lamps to electric cords to outlets, babies will likely get their hands on anything they find in their way, and the consequences of this can be severe. To mitigate such risks, make sure all electric things are out of your kid’s reach. You can also invest in sliding plate covers or outlet caps to cover open plugs and prevent your babies from getting their hands into them.

4. Keep Cabinets Locked

Cabinets around your home are often stocked up with dangerous items, such as alcohol, detergents, and cleaning solutions. If these cabinets are open, your babies can get into those hazardous products anytime while they start roaming. To avoid such incidents, it is essential to buy baby proofing cabinet locks. Keeping cabinets locked not just keeps your kids away from those dangerous liquids or chemicals but also offers you a peace of mind. 

5. Install Quality Baby Gates 

Last but not least, do not forget to install safety gates. Place sturdy, reliable baby gates across your home that close stairs at both the top and the bottom. Crawling on stairs seems lots of fun for babies, but it could sometimes lead them to serious injuries. So it’s better to take precautions and block those danger points with safety gates before any mishappening occurs. 

Wrapping Up the Post

When toddlers start to crawl, they also learn a newfound state of intrigue and curiosity - leading them to get into everything they find on their way. These are some top, essential precautions you need to take into consideration with a crawling baby. Preventing your home against these possible crawling accidents is an ideal way to avoid unwanted, severe incidents in the future.  

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