Kidney failure ayurvedic treatment: An alternative approach to dialysis

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Kidney failure refers to a condition when both of your kidneys fail to work as they are intended to do. Kidneys in the human body helps eliminate fluids and toxins out of the body, but when the filtering units get damaged, kidneys cannot sieve out waste properly. In order to allow the toxins to be removed from the blood, patients can take Kidney failure ayurvedic treatment.


Kidney failure refers to a condition in which both of your kidneys fail to perform the excretion work. As you know, kidneys in a human body help eliminate toxins from the blood but when they are damaged or injured, the filtering units inside them do not work properly, and a dangerous level of fluids start accumulating inside the bloodstream. The condition can be quite dangerous as your body needs clean blood to carry out different tasks. Accordingly, dialysis and transplant are needed to allow the toxins to be removed from the blood. Other than that, you can also take kidney failure ayurvedic treatment to eliminate toxins naturally without any surgery.

Kidney failure is the last stage of chronic kidney disease and often called end-stage renal disease. When you have renal failure, it means your renal is insufficient to perform any role.

Symptoms of kidney failure

If you have chronic kidney failure, the body does not show any symptoms all of a sudden but the damage progress slowly over time. The damage is very subtle in the initial stages and you will hardly any notice signs but as you progress to the late stages, you will notice:

  • ·         Swelling in the body such as face, hands, legs, and ankles
  • ·         Difficulty taking the breath
  • ·         Puffy eyes
  • ·         Changes in the urine pattern, some patients urinate more often than usual          while some observe less urine
  • ·         Blood in the urine
  • ·         Loss of appetite
  • ·         Changes in the taste buds
  • ·         Muscle cramps
  • ·         Difficulty sleeping at night

But if your kidneys fail abruptly called acute kidney failure you may notice some symptoms in your body. AKD needs an immediate treatment like dialysis but kidney failure ayurvedic treatment can be taken along with the dialysis as well. These symptoms are:

  • ·         Vomiting
  • ·         Rash
  • ·         High fever
  • ·         Abdominal pain
  • ·         Chest Pain

A brief about dialysis

Dialysis is an artificial mechanism to eliminate toxins and the waste when your kidneys cannot do it for you. Dialysis is a substitute for an unhealthy kidney that prevents toxins from reaching a dangerous level. It is also called renal replacement therapy. Only those patients who have lost 85-90% of their kidney function are eligible for dialysis.

  • The different types of dialysis are:
  •  Intermittent hemodialysis
  •  Peritoneal dialysis
  • Intermittent dialysis

In hemodialysis, the hemodialyzer is used to remove waste from the blood. To get the patient’s blood into the dialyzer, the doctor inserts a flexible tube called a catheter into the body. This is done by minor surgery to the patient’s arm or leg. Sometimes, an access is made by joining an artery to a vein under the skin.

After filtration, the filtered blood is then returned to the patient through the catheter only. This process is performed 3-4 times a week and takes 3 to 4 hours per session depending upon how much fluid needs to be filtered.

Peritoneal dialysis

In peritoneal dialysis, a dialysate solution, a mixture of minerals and glucose is passed through the peritoneal cavity, the abdominal cavity with the help of a catheter. The blood stays in the arteries and veins from where fluids and waste are withdrawn out of the blood and into the dialysate. The dialysate is kept inside for a period so as to absorb the waste completely.

This session is normally done several times a day or can be done overnight. While in hemodialysis the blood is cleaned outside the body, in case of peritoneal dialysis purification is done inside.

Kidney failure ayurvedic treatment

Along with dialysis, patients can also take ayurvedic treatment as an additional approach to cure kidney failure. While taking dialysis can be little bit life-threatening for the patients as they pose risk to cardiovascular diseases. Opting for ayurvedic treatment can reduce the risk of such diseases while eliminating the dependency on dialysis. The ayurvedic medicines help facilitate urine excretion and thereby preventing fluid from accumulating inside the bloodstream. The Kidney failure ayurvedic treatment helps restore the health of diseased kidney so that complications do not occur again.

Karma Ayurveda

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