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With the advancement in technology, cloud computing is gaining popularity at a very high speed. It was on August 9, 2006, that “cloud computing” was first used in the modern context. Cloud computing is a platform that allows multiple users to store and maintain their data at a very minimal cost. It is important for every student, or even for working professionals in any field, to know about this technology. One can Learn Cloud Computing Course Online and can master this technology to avail various benefits. Continue to read for understanding the working and advantages of this technology.


Cloud Computing is a process where the computing services like Network Speeds, CPU, RAM, Storage, Operating System software, are delivered by the service provider over the internet. Instead of having all the computing services physically on any location, cloud computing is a cost-effective way to use computing services. Today there are various companies that provide cloud computing services, like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, etc. Mentioned below are some of the advantages of using cloud computing: 

  • Since there is no apparatus physically present, it eliminates the necessity to build an infrastructure. This helps the user to save money. It is best for startups as they will cut the cost of setting up the in-house IT infrastructure. 
  • There is no maintenance cost. Everything is provided by the service provider, moreover, the user is free from updating anything. It is the service provider’s responsibility to update the software. This way the user enjoy instant software updates. 
  • Earlier everything was being saved on papers. If anything were to happen to these papers, there would be no recovery as there was no back-up system. But with cloud computing, backup and recovery are possible and is amongst the main characteristics that the user enjoys. 
  • Nowadays the main concern is confidentiality. Earlier it was easy for people to peek into others work, but now, until the owner provides the password, no one can access the work. This increased security really helps in maintaining confidentiality. 
  •  With the advancement in technology, big data is also increasing in rapid speed. The main concern now is of storage. Traditional computing services do not provide enough storage to save the data. Here comes cloud computing with an infinite storage option. Many service provider offers storage space at a different price. But there is enough space on the cloud to store the big data, that too with full backup and confidentiality.  
  •  Cloud computing allows the user to share data with their contacts in a very easy way. Cloud computing uses a pay-as-you-go pricing model where the user pays only for the services that they use. This helps in lowering the operating costs.


There are 3 basic types of cloud:

  •   Private Cloud: This type is for one particular company. The computing services are deployed to any one company that governs, owns and operate the cloud for their intra-communication purposes. 
  • Public Cloud: This cloud is for public use and is generally used for interaction between business to consumer. Usually, this type of cloud is owned, maintained, and operated by government, institution or business to communicate with their customers. 
  • Hybrid Cloud: Here the computing resources are bound together by various clouds and are basically used for B2C and B2B types of communication.  


There are 3 types of cloud computing services:


  • SaaS(Software-as-a-Service):
  • PaaS(Platform-as-a-Service)
  • IaaS(Infrastructure-as-a-Service)


Cloud Computing is a centralized model where a single party owns all the computing services and further allows consumers to pay only for the services that they use.  Netflix, Pinterest, Instagram, Apple, and many more have started using cloud computing services. Nowadays it is an unsaid rule to know about cloud computing services. One can receive training in cloud computing from the best training provider, KVCH. It is a 27-year-old company where the candidates can learn cloud computing course online. Candidates will get the opportunity of enhancing their skills by working on live projects. Apart from theoretical and practical knowledge, candidates are provided with personality development classes. In the end, candidates are awarded a globally recognized certificate and are assured 100% placement assistance.  

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