Jayvardhan Vinod Goenka Reveals - Frequently asked questions during the home buying process:

by Jatin Sharma Writer

Every homeowner has a plethora of questions to ask, when it comes to home investing. There are multiple factors to consider, along with your own gut-feeling about a certain project. Developers, including Jay Goenka Dynamix Group, believe in empowering the buyer so that they can make an informed investing decision.


Location based questions are asked throughout the buying process, while some even before an initial request is made. This is because, in real estate, location is one of the most important factors determining the success of your investment.

I - How has the location grown in the last few years?

The growth of the location generally extends to the economic activities within the boundaries of the region. It also encompasses the commercial, residential and zonal growth of the neighbouring regions as well. These factors are critical to uncover and can allow you to make a better buying decision early on. The growth of the market within the location will directly depend on the footfall, quality of living and new projects opening up in that region.

II - What infrastructural developments are coming up in that region?

New roads bring with them new travellers, which is why infrastructural developments have a positive impact on the real estate rate. The current market value is determined, in large parts, by the potential projects that may be coming up. For new bridges, highways or roads that will be developed in the next 4-5 years, buyers may find it more profitable to opt for under-construction projects.

III - What’s the current market rate of the project?

It’s good to have all the information available about the location, along with whether it’s growing or sustaining its current market rate. The current market rate depends on a number of key factors, including existing demand for properties within that region. It’s best to study the market for a few months, before making the right investing decision.


Project-based questions revolve around the quality of life experienced at the housing complex. Whether opting for luxury condos or high-rise apartment homes, project-based questions can be insightful to uncover key benefits offered.

What are the types of houses offered?

This is a critical project-based question to ask when trying to understand the types of buyers that will be present. A pure-play 4-5BHK apartment complex will take longer to fill out, while a mixed-dimension building may have different tiers of investors and homeowners. The future value of your home depends on the existing demand for that property type.

What amenities are being provided in the project?

Real estate leaders, such as Jayvardhan Goenka, design homes keeping the overall quality of life in mind. That’s why modern projects are being presented to buyers with international-standards gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools and sauna facilities. This gives buyers a holistic living experience at the housing complex, giving them greater returns on their investment. Amenities are the perfect add-on that make the project that much more appealing. A natural walking area, a sky-walk zone, or a children’s play area can increase the demand for that project instantly.

What is the return on investment?

Investment based questions revolve around the return that buyers hope to get in the coming years. Depending on the short-term or long-term goals of the home buyer, the right home can get you a healthy return. ROI depends on the inherent appeal of the property, the facilities offered and the overall packaging of the entire project. You can also gauge the ROI of the property by inquiring about the renting options available, and the monthly income generated from these homes. 

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