Is Fresh Air Important to Diesel Generator Set

by Starlight Generator dieselgeneratortech

Air quality and circulation play a decisive role in diesel generator sets.


If the diesel generator set is used indoors, we must ensure that it has sufficient fresh air. If the machine room is too tightly sealed, it will lead to poor air circulation. This will not only affect the diesel combustion rate of the generator set, but also reduce the cooling effect of the unit. The inlet air cannot be cooled, and the heat generated by the unit cannot be discharged. The temperature will gradually rise, reaching the red alert value and causing failures. Therefore, it is generally not necessary to install windows in the equipment room and use anti-theft nets instead of glass, and the height of the windows from the ground should not be too high, which will affect the "breathing" of the diesel generator set. fresh air.


Some users do not consider the surrounding environment when using the generator set outdoors, just use it blindly. Over time, it was discovered that the diesel power gradually decreased, but I did not know why. In fact, this is the power loss of the diesel engine caused by the generator set inhaling a lot of dirty air or dust and floating sand. If the generator set sucks in dirt and other magazines, the insulation between the stator and rotor gap will be damaged, which will seriously cause the generator set. burn. Therefore, the use of generator sets outdoors must ensure the quality of the surrounding environment of the unit, or take necessary protective measures to "filter" the air.

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