Is Premium Vape Juice Really Premium?

by Andrew M. Vape Blogger

The vape liquid market experiences a new brand with an assortment of products, and each of them claims to be premium vape juice. But what does the manufacturer mean by the word premium?

It involves two main elements - the ingredients and  the blend. Every ingredient, from the flavor to the base liquids, influence the quality of the overall product.

Some reputed manufacturers use the best ingredients in their products. These are considered food-grade or pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.


The origin

A crucial element to consider is the origin of the ingredients. For instance, where did the manufacturer source it from? Is it Chinese? Not all Chinese ingredients are of low quality, but when a manufacturer imports bulk shipments for extremely cheap prices, the substance is likely to be of much lesser quality than the US.

Even some European countries produce vape liquid ingredients but often come with various levels of impurities.

The ingredients are fine when they are approved by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) because they have certain standards that deem the ingredients fit for human consumption.


There is more than only the ingredients

Various studies show that the quality of e-juices is influenced by more than just the ingredients. Off-brand disposable e-cigs contain impure juices, and you can usually find these devices at gas stations.

These devices are far from containing premium vape juice but may still claim so on their packaging. So, buying from reputed suppliers or stores matters. Additionally, buyers should always check for FDA approval before buying their liquid.


The flavors are different

It is a concept similar to wine. Just like wine varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, e-juices differ too. Different producers use a different blends of flavors to create their products.

A strawberry flavor offered by one manufacturer may taste industrial, while another producer’s product may burst out with an authentic taste and smell of fresh strawberries.

Flavorings become more complex when it is something like ice cream or cotton candy. They involve more than just a simple taste, and a lot of emphases is placed on their creation to bring out their authenticity.


The cost

Often, a premium vape juice will cost more. Precisely, premium e-liquids are expensive. However, are they worth the price?

The answer tends to vary for different buyers. Why do people choose a branded product where they can find the same quality in a not-so-popular brand? It perhaps has something to do with the trust levels.

Premium juices are worth the buy as they pose no health threats like cheap streetside vendors. The ingredients, cost, and place of origin can dictate the quality of e-juices.

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